5 Smart Hacks for Making Your Holiday Heels More Comfortable

Meghan Blalock

With holiday party season in full swing, your feet are probably highly conversational lately. They're talking to you, and what they have to say probably ain't great—night after night in high heels isn't exactly their idea of a good time, no matter how fabulous you might look.

Lucky for your tired, sore, beat-up feet, we're on a mission to empower you to lessen the amount of pain you experience on the holiday party circuit. Over the years, we've become acquainted with plenty of shoe hacks (many of them directly from shoe designers and footwear experts) that help your feet feel much better inside all your fabulous heels. Armed with our favorite five, which we’re breaking down below, you’ll dance the night away and never once feel like your feet are killing your fun.

Keep scrolling to learn five smart hacks that will make your holiday heels much more comfortable!

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