A Hack for Conquering Smelly Shoes in the Summer 

Finding the perfect pair of sandals for summer's hottest days is tough, mostly because a shoe that fits perfectly in the morning winds up a slippery, sweaty mess by noon. But thanks to Glamour, there's a hack for that. 

While you're getting ready in the morning, spritz a small amount of dry shampoo into your shoes. Since dry shampoo is designed to soak up oils in your hair, the same can be said about that rush-to-the-train foot sweat (ew). The hair lifesaver is also a bit lighter in texture, so it's far less noticeable than chalky foot powder that gets stuck between your toes. 

Shop the perfect summer shoes below. 

Jeffrey Campbell Vionnet Loafter ($100)

ASOS Simone Heel ($57)

Check out the rest of Glamour's trustworthy shoe advice here and share your summer hacks in the comments below.

Opening Image: Love Is Blind

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