Winter's Shoes

Roger Vivier once said, To wear dreams on oneÂ's feet is to begin to give reality to oneÂ's dreams.Â" Since we think that there are loads of dreamy shoes that are currently available, we thought it thought it was time for another installment of A GuyÂ's Opinion. This week our average Joe (or in this case, Niko, 35, bon vivant and quite fantastic) is commenting on winter shoes. Read on for what men really think about your sexy stilettos and forgiving flats. First things firstÂ--I do usually look at shoes ASAP, but if a women is nice, she's nice. That said, your toes better be kept up (if you aren't keepin' the toes tight, you probably aren't keepin' other things very kept either?). Please, no toes hangin' over the front of any opened-toed shoe. No backless (slip-on) heels, because it looks lazy and cheap. Definitely do not wear platform flip-flops (especially white onesÂ--we mean you Orange County!) and certainly no takinÂ' off heels to dance. Women leave them onÂ--deal with the painÂ--girls take them off. This ain't no highschool dance. The better the shoe, the more pain. Sorry, itÂ's part of being a woman...

1. Not your average run-around-town footwear, but hot! Ankle-breaker fo sho! ItÂ's sexy when women can even walk in this kind of shoe, let alone own and wear them. Probably hot on some trendy girl with one of those short, potato sack-looking dresses and stockings? ItÂ's like the Olsen girls meets Emo meets S&M. Good stuff.

2. This is a practical, run-around-town, daytime shoe. Be careful though, don't be matching this up to some Bedazzled top or denim, or some garbage Ed Hardy stuff. You could match this up with some silver necklaces and bracelets or they would also be hot with some Tsubi-type of skinny denim, deep V-neck sheer tees and cardigans. The shoes are kinda flashy, but practical, however, I could do with out the broaches on the toes.

3. Hmmm, not a fan, but could work. Everything is how you rock it and what you rock it with. Again, because the shoe is pretty flashy, don't overdue the rest of the kit. Definitely don't wear a studded belt with these, but it would probably look good with a little black dress or black denim. These shoes are definitely a Cougar fave I'm sure.

4. These are good. Another good daytime choice, but could cross into evening as well. All depends on the kit as well. My call would be to wear with denim. You could dress it up with top, coat and headwear or dress it down with a tee/tank and sweater. I have the male equivalent to these, done by Gucci. I could see them on an uptight NY socialite running around Manhattan or your average, everyday pop-star grabbing lunch.

5. I'm a sucker for red. Do NOT disturb the sexy!! Toe cleavage is hot too. The strap ads that extra bit of Mary Jane-ish, school girl-fantasy BS. A confident woman rocks these with some cool dress. Me likey.

6. Almost a granola version of the #1 shoe. I like. They give a sexy and warm feeling, maybe they should be worn with vintage stuff. Other options would be off-white tights or knee high socks, or even a baby doll dress. You could go the dressed down route by wearing them with some denim. I donÂ't think that these would work for your average Lilith Fair-granola women because of how high the heel is, but I could see them on someone in an organic -feeling outfit (as opposed to dressier fair).
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