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Of all the content we create for, the most polarized reactions and unpredictable responses always stem from a single storyÂ--A GuyÂ's Opinion. Despite the controversy, we think itÂ's interesting to hear another perspective on fashion and we applaud the brave fellows who bare their brains in front of our readers.

On that note, our latest dude du jour, Joel Madden, is particularly well equipped to stand up in front of any audience. As the lead singer of Good Charlotte, we figured MaddenÂ's seen his share of great and ghastly personal style and would be able to articulate what he likes the ladies to wear. Even though heÂ's currently on the road, wrapping up the US tour for the bandÂ's latest album, Good Morning Revival (New Yorkers, theyÂ're playing at Roseland tonight), Madden still took the time to break down five outfits for We love that heÂ's clearly aware of the latest looks (as youÂ'd expect from a man whoÂ's dating fashion daredevil and delight, Nicole Richie), but doesnÂ't blindly endorse trends just because theyÂ're current. Read on for his pop culturally astute point of view (and a sweet disclaimer)...

Of course, it goes without saying that IÂ'm no fashion editor. IÂ'm just a redneck from southern Maryland. All these girls seem very nice and are really pretty, so just because I donÂ't like their outfits, that doesnÂ't mean theyÂ're not cool peopleÂ--obviously.

Look 1
This outfit looks like something my fourth grade teacher would have worn on a field trip. Don't get me wrong; if my fourth grade teacher looked like this, I would have been stoked. But still, itÂ's a little old. I like high-waisted shorts, but not when theyÂ're so loose and baggy. The shorts would look better if they were tighter and you could see her hourglass figure.

Look 2
I donÂ't like her outfit. It looks like something John CusackÂ's character in Say Anything would have worn, if he was a girl who liked booty shorts. I do like the wingtips though; I just donÂ't like them with her socks and cut-offs. I think they would look better with pants.

Look 3
Her bag, the jacket, and her top are all great, but the skirt is just weird. I know high-waisted stuff is really in right now, but I think everyoneÂ's overusing it. I love her black fingernails, but not the socks and shoes. Her whole outfit would have been better with something basic, like a pair of Chucks or Vans.

Look 4
Well, my girlfriend is going to hate me for saying this, but this look reminds me of her styleÂ--especially the headband and bunches of beads. SheÂ's also going to hate me for saying this, but I donÂ't like when girls wear leggings. Anyway, going back to the headband, this one looks like youÂ're supposed to wear it with a flapper dress. I would dig a different headband style, like maybe a scarf? Yeah, a scarf would look better with this outfit. Also, I wish all Balenciaga bags could be thrown into a big hole and buried forever.

Look 5
The jeans are cool and very seventies with the brown belt. She looks like it's 1979, I mean that in a good way, a sexy way. The tight top is nice because it shows her body off since she's wearing bigger pants. I also like how all of the accessories are mismatched. The jacket throws everything off, though. It has a military vibe that just doesnÂ't fit with the rest of the outfit. I think it would have looked better with just the cardigan. I also think the hat looks like a chinchillaÂ--itÂ's just a weird choice. So if you take off the hat and the blazer, I like this outfit.

Photo of Joel Madden, courtesy of Wireimage. Photo of Agyness Deyn, InfGoff. Photos of Anne Hathaway and Zoe Kravitz, SplashNews. Photo of Sienna Miller, courtesy of Buzz Photo. Photo of Pixie Geldof, Pacific Coast News.
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