Fall Make-up

In the words of the immortal Flavor Flav, Â"What time is it?Â" Oh dear readers, itÂ's time for another installment of A GuyÂ's Opinion! This week our average Joe (or in this case, Justin, 25, photographer and Photoshop shark) is commenting on fall makeup looks. The only information we gave our Guy is to judge the overall cosmeticsÂ--not facial beauty or hairstyleÂ--of each major maquillage trend. Read on for what men really think about your artistic eyeliner and lipstick choices.

1. I find it strange when a girl puts this much color under the eye and this is no exception. Go easy on the eyeliner.

2. It looks like this girl just got in a fight with a coal mineÂ--and lost. The makeup is way too heavy under the eyebrow. Works on the runway but not sitting across from me in a restaurant.

3. Beautiful. The nice, soft colors show that she's not trying to hide anything. I don't think that every girl can pull off that color on the lips but if you can, rock it.

4. Very classic look, offends no one.

5. At first glance I wondered if someone flipped this girl's head upside down. That much makeup only belongs above the eye, certainly not below. Maybe she got drunk last night and woke up to find that her friends had some fun with a sharpie? Unless you are the lead in BatmanÂ--The Musical!, you shouldn't ever do this to your face... ever.

1. Gemma Ward, Versace

2. Lily Cole, Jean Paul Gaultier

3. Inguna Butane, Behnaz Serefpour

4. Heidi, BCBG

5. Solange Wilvert, Valentino
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