Fall Fashion

As the old truism goes, there are women who dress for women (Katherine), and there are women who dress for men (Hillary). While most fashion-forward females fall into the former category, we at WhoWhatWear thought it would be interesting to periodically ask an average Joe (or in this case, Todd, 38, self-proclaimed grease monkey read: purveyor of cars) to comment on various runway looks. The only information we gave todayÂ's test subject was not to judge the modelÂ--neither face nor figureÂ--only the clothes. The result? A brutal guide to what men really think about your carefully cultivated outfits. The responses are sometimes spot-on, sometimes scary, and always amusing.

Look 1. BCBG Fall 2006
Â"A winner. Slutty, yet subtle. Has the appearance of low maintenance. Won't tear if you rip it off.Â"

Look 2. Chloe Fall 2006
Â"The bride of the Michelin Man. The potential to be hiding extra lbs. is high. Not so good.Â"

Look 3. Dries Van Noten Fall 2006
Â"Definitely a sleeper. First glance is Â"not so much,Â" but the second glance is a resounding, Â"I want to do you in the library stacks.Â"

Look 4. Celine Fall 2006.
Â"This is the high-maintenance, more expensive older sister of Look 1. She is wearing this because it is considered fashionable, not because she wants to throw down.Â"
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