Celebrity Street Style/August

Celebrity Street Style/August
Thursday, August, 30, 2007 As the new school year is upon us, it¬'s only fitting to turn to a student for this month¬'s A Guy¬'s Opinion. We didn¬'t ask a high school dude or undergrad frat face to comment, oh no. Instead, hoping for a little sophistication and an open mind, we selected a man who¬'s midst his graduate studies. We were rewarded with some very funny male musings, courtesy of Damon, 28, a MBA student and bonafide style shark.

1. Fergie
Wow. I feel slightly ashamed that I used to have a crush on Stacy Ann during her Kids Incorporated days. In these pants Fergie looks better suited for a role on Barney and Friends. Ladies, I can dig that the high-waist look is in, but carrying six inches of fabric above the belt line just looks retarded. Also the fit is perplexing: tight in the calf and fupa, loose in the knee and crotch. Really? Furthermore, the bulky bag and oversized shades don¬'t flow with the rest of the formfitting digs. If it weren¬'t bad enough already, the finger/toe nail polish is revolting. In all fairness, I do like the patent leather kicks. And the cleft chin.

2. Rihanna
I¬'ve been looking at this outfit for five minutes and I¬'m still not sure what I think. Part of my confusion clearly stems from the fact that I¬'m not used to seeing Rihanna wearing so much clothing or without her umbrella (zing). Overall, I think I like it. Maybe. The cap is a little silly, but it does a nice job of concealing her ginormous forehead. I don¬'t think her jeans are particularly flattering¬--it looks like the seam might burst around the thighs. I¬'m feeling the burnt metallic bag/kicks and I think the jaguar print belt is a solid touch as well. I like the simple white top and because she¬'s only 19, I¬'ll allow the popped collar look. Even though the wardrobe is mostly conservative, Rihanna reminds us she¬'s got serious sex appeal by exposing the bombs and dangling some ¬"f!*k me¬" hoop earrings.

3. Helena
This outfit screams class and good taste. Helena Christensen clearly knows how to assemble a wardrobe.* The lemon zest dress is admittedly a bit loud but it has great lines and clearly moves well. The gray cardigan top adds a perfect touch of texture and function. I get nervous around outfits that are too matchy-matchy but the purse is small, classic, and frankly it works. The shoes are elegant and add a subtle dimension of new color without making her look like Ronald McDonald. Even the low plunging necklace and dangling bracelet are dope. I just ran a regression analysis and it turns out there¬'s a perfect correlation between the amount of time I stare at this image and the size of my boner.

*Ladies in NYC can sample Helena¬'s styles at her West Village store Butik. (212.367.8014)
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