Celebrity Street Style

Based on an incredibly informal poll-a recent reading of Us Weekly with our beaux commenting over our shoulders-we've noticed that the fellows have affinity for certain celebs that we just don't get ("You like her? In that outfit? WHY???"). So naturally we thought that celebrity street style would make for a perfect A Guy's Opinion. Today's John Doe, Michael, 29, is a reality television producer. And before you can say BlindDateWhat? we must assure you that the fellow in question works on one of television's most stylish shows. Read on to find out if our Guy thinks the above outfits are in or out...1. If I saw a girl wearing this in high school, I would still dream about her to this day. The pants are well tailored and stay away from the skinny jean trend, the shirt has Kate MossÂ' iconic pout strewn across it, and the hat with the hair just says, Â"We can go to a movie, a poetry slam or your basement. Whatever.Â" But the clincher, the small touch that would leads to years of therapy (a la John Cusack in Grosse Pointe Blank), is the red lips.

2. Let me be completely honest here, those shoes, when not placed on a womanÂ's foot, are structurally and aesthetically sexy (maybe itÂ's the S&M and not the H&M in me). But when said shoe is placed on an actual foot, that woman begins to resemble a goat. A female goat, yes, but a goat none-the-less. The rest, you ask? The hat: ill fitting and played out (hence, why I wear one). The scarf: also played out and not working. The purse? Unless she is smuggling a severed head in it, it's just, for the lack of a better word, dumb. And IÂ'm sure it cost more than I make in a year.

3. This is how my brain worked on this picture after I got past that I'm looking at Natalie Portman: Is she trying to look like Victorian soldier who just traded her mink muff for one of the Â"nativesÂ" maize pouches while on her way to work as a junior exec at JP Morgan? If so, mission accomplished. I will say, however, her shoes and pants are undeniably classic and for Beautiful Girls and Leon: the Professional, I will always forgive something like this being worn by Ms. Portman.

4. "Hello? 911? You have to help me. I have no idea where I am, I think someone drugged me and put me in orthopedic clown shoes and for some reason my dress isn't working? I don't know why, it's a decent shape, though a bit muumuu-y, and a fairly safe print, though colored like Grey Poupon. Wait, it could be worse, I could have leggings on and not wearing cool shades. Thank you, 911." That said, I like spring dress, but when the dress you are wearing weighs as much as you do, the look isn't flattering. Photo of Rachel, courtesy of www.x17online.com
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