Holiday Gifts

What to give, what to give, what to give? Stress not, dear readers, because WhoWhatWearDaily has combed the internet and stores galore to bring you the best buys for your boys. WeÂ've broken down our choices into five different Â"man categoriesÂ" for your perusing pleasure. If none of the above selections seem quite right for your giftee, consider the following. Of all the fellows we surveyed for this very formal search, we noticed there were a couple of items that our interviewees all considered highly desirableÂ--cufflinks and Bose headphones. If that doesnÂ't make your holiday present hunting a breeze, try a little tipple of our officeÂ's favorite pre-shopping libation (Ghirardelli hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps). You might not find what youÂ're looking for, but youÂ'll feel good doing it!

1. Bracelets that you might want to steal: Me & Ro silver and leather bracelets, $95-$295

2. Make his metro-ankles just as dope as the rest of him: Paul Smith Socks, $30 per pair

3. New generation of headphones that everyoneÂ's freaking for this month: Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Noise Canceling Headphones, $349

4. No man can resist this twist on classic cufflinks: Dunhill cufflinks, $650

5. Type A fellows will adore this gadget: iPod Sports Kit, $28.95

6. Everyone loves a sweet rack: The Big Book of Breasts, $49.99

7. Perfect for the TV addict, it allows you to stream your Tivo to any computer in the world: Slingbox Pro, $249

8. The Ultimate Geek Tool providing USB storage in a Swiss Army Knife: Swiss Memory USB, $119.99

9. Wrap this around your favorite dandy: Monogrammed Robe, $140

10. Make sure he?s always dapper: Travel steamer, $29.95
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