Father's Day Grooming

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    Most dads don't have time for more than a five-minute shower, let alone perfecting Orlando Bloom-like hair. But we've culled together a selection of products that will firm up their skin, artfully tousle their hair, and tame their beard before they have a chance to protest. At the very least, we promise they'll smell fresher than ever.
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    Kiehl's Sky Flyin' Foaming Multi Gel ($19)

    You might be thrilled about that collection of little glass jars lining your medicine cabinet, but what dad has time for a 10-step routine? Kiehl's Sky Flyin' Multi Gel is half-shaving cream, half-cleanser. Lather up the caffeine-filled formula for a quick shave or massage it into your skin to remove dirt and oil. Its bamboo, lemon, and orange peel extracts will leave just a faint citrus scent.
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    Aesop Classic Shampoo & Conditioner ($27 each)

    Aesop's classic shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use (if you must) while its conditioner, a heavenly blend of Bergamot Mint, Cedarwood Bark, and Lavender, promises to make that too-clean hair shine bright.
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    Diptyque Vetyverio Shower Gel ($44)

    Diptyque's Vetyverio Shower Gel offers another sneaky way to make the dad in your life smell better. It's full of cedarwood and juniper (which is both antibacterial and great for balancing oily skin) but free of phthalates, parabens, and colorants.
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    Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase Hydrabalance Foaming Cleanser ($10.49)

    A drugstore cleanser that leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized is a rare gem. This Kinerase foaming cleanser, part of the brand's collection with plastic surgeon Dr. LeWinn (so famous in his native Australia that he doesn't need a first name), will hydrate dad's skin while stimulating its cells to slow down aging, thanks to Kinerase's signature ingredient: kinetin.
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    Dr. Harris Arlington Deodorant Roll-On ($23)

    Any dad can buy himself a stick of Gillette, but if you're going to give him deodorant, you may as well get fancy.
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    ClarinsMen Skin Difference ($29)

    For the new dad, the one who doesn't want to shave every day but doesn't necessarily want the world to know, there's Clarins' Skin Difference. The gel promises to treat the hair at the root, making it grow in finer--and slower.
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    Baxter of California x Saturdays Surf NYC Candle ($30)

    When the so-called "grandfather of men's grooming" pairs with New York's latest menswear darlings, magic's bound to happen. The Santalum + Cedrus candle, from Baxter of California and Saturdays Surf Shop, is frill-free, made of black soy wax, and comes with Saturdays' simple slash logo across the front.
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    MenScience Face Buff Brush ($13)

    MenScience's Face Buff Brush is like a laid-back Clarisonic. It feels less high-maintenance, but still gets the job done.
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    Malin & Goetz Hair Pomade ($20)

    The fatty acids in the soybeans at the heart of Malin & Goetz's hair pomade will shape and define even the thickest head of hair without irritating the scalp, while the formula's yucca and aloe extracts actually prevent damage caused by the sun, heat, and any newfangled styling tools the dad in your life finds time to try.
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    Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme ($84)

    Chanel's whipped up an extreme version of their Allure Homme Sport just in time for Father's Day (and found an extremely hot dad to be the face of the scent, pro surfer Danny Fuller). They've added Moroccan Cypress and Venezuelan Tonka Bean to up the musk factor. Yum.

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    Portland General Store Tobacco Beard Oil ($68)

    The easiest way to trick the manliest father in your life into wearing a fragrance is to buy him a bottle of Portland General's Beard Oil.  The woodsy scent is made from jojoba, hempseed, and marula oil, the combination of which will condition even the most unmanageable facial hair.   

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    Kyoku For Men SKN-EY 243: Eye Fuel ($36.50)

    It's often said that men get better with age--George Clooney, Brad Pitt--but those premature I'm-a-new-dad-who-doesn't-sleep wrinkles can, and probably should, be avoided. Kyoku's Eye Fuel is exactly what it sounds like: an uplifting eye gel/radiance cream combo that actually tightens the under-eye skin, reducing the muscular contractions that cause fine lines and dark circles. (Yes, you probably want to buy a jar for yourself, too.)
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    Alighiero Campostrini Puro Oliva Pure Oil Oil Soap Primitivo ($7.50)

    If he refuses to use anything more than a bar of soap in the shower, make sure it's the best bar of soap.
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    Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp Kit ($100)

    For the guy who can't be bothered to curate his own grooming wardrobe: the full kit. Four products to take your fellow from grizzly-bearded hipster to artfully-scruffed gentleman.

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    Mulberry Henry Wash Bag ($250)

    Because Dad's going to need something in which to store all of his new goodies and this is where he could use your help the most. The nylon body of Mulberry's Henry Bag will survive spills, but its leather details dress it up. For a younger, hipster dad (perhaps the one who needs the beard oil?) snag this waxed cotton version from Park & Bond.
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