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Fact: The women of the WhoWhatWear.com office really love Rachel McAdams. While we don't get a chance to showcase her often (sheÂ's not a fame seeker, hence, a limited supply of pictures), when we saw pictures of McAdams at the Toronto Film Festival promoting her latest film, "Married Life," we rejoiced. To paraphrase Cory, one of our lovely interns, Rachel McAdams is as lovely as she is talented and we have a girl crush on her. As we were also into this entire red carpet lookÂ--especially her perfect red lipÂ--we figured sheÂ'd make a sublime beauty story. Her charming makeup artist (and younger sister), Kayleen McAdams, walked us through the steps on how to recreate the look at home.

[While normally we tend to refer to people by their last name, as our subjects have the same one, weÂ'll refer to them by their given names in this story.]

"RachelÂ's movie is set in 1949, so we wanted to do a classic look with a modern influence, that was in keeping with her dress," Kayleen said. "To accomplish this we did a simple eye, full brow, and a punchy lip." She started by smoothing a little of Giorgio ArmaniÂ's Luminious Silk Foundation on Rachel's skin with a small, synthetic, Chanel concealer brush. "One of the things I love about the foundation is that they never have a pinky tone," Kayleen said. Next she applied a little Clea de Peu concealer under RachelÂ's eyes, using the same Chanel Brush. Â"Rachel has amazing skin, so I didnÂ't need to use any powder, however, for most people I would have done a light dusting of Laura MercierÂ's Loose Setting Powder,Â" Kayleen said.

For RachelÂ's lightly defined eye, Kayleen first curled her eyelashes with Shu UemuraÂ's lash curler. She then used the gray and brown shadows in Kevyn AucoinÂ's The Essential Eye Shadow Set in the crease and the gray shadow on the outer corner of RachelÂ's eyes. Then, Kayleen lined RachelÂ's upper lash line with a Chanel black cake eyeliner, to make her lashes look thicker. She then applied ChanelÂ's newest mascara, Inimtiable, in black, and added few individual false eyelashes.

Kayleen filled in RachelÂ's brows with a taupe Chanel pencil. Using the spooly brush on the end of the pencil, she brushed the color through to remove any extra color. She prefers to fill the outer corners of the brow, using a lighter hand the closer she gets to the inner part of the eye. Â"I find that if you use too much pencil on the inner part of the brow, it can make you look older,Â" she said.

To get a soft, lush cheek, Kayleen used MAC ProÂ's Colour Cream Base in Rich Coral. She tapped it on RachelÂ's cheeks with her finger and then blended with MACÂ's Duo Fibre Brush. Â"The brush is great for blending blush or foundation, the bristles deposit the colors into the pores for a super natural look,Â" Kayleen said.

Kayleen blended two lipsticks for the perfect color. Â"One thing thatÂ's nice about being your sisterÂ's makeup artist is I knew what her dress looked like a few days before, so I could really scour every makeup counter for the right shade,Â" she said. The lipsticks of choice were NARS Heat Wave (an orange red) and Jungle Red (a true red). Kayleen had Rachel pucker her mouth and then applied the lipsticks with her finger, concentrating on the center of the mouth. Â"I wanted it to be more like a stain than a heavy lip,Â" Kayleen said. Â"I love all of my clients, but itÂ's always really fun working with Rachel because she can reference a look from five years ago and I know exactly what sheÂ's talking about. And, doing her makeup is kind of like doing my own face!Â"

1. M.A.C. Duo Fibre Brush 187 ($42, nordstrom.com)
2. Chanel Les 3 Lignes de Chanel Eyeliner Palette ($65, chanel.com)
3. NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red ($23, sephora.com)
4. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler ($18, sephora.com)
5. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent ($23, sephora.com)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Shade 5 ($55, giorgioarmaniusa.com)
Cle de Peau Correcteur Visage Concealer in Beige ($68, paullabrecque.com)
Chanel Pinceau Ombre # 1 Eye Makeup and Concealer Brush ($28, nordstrom.com)
Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Eyeshadow Set Palette # 3 ($55, beauty.com)
Chanel Inimitable Mascara in Black ($27.50, nordstrom.com)
Chanel Le Crayon Sourcils Precision Brow Definer in Taupe ($28, nordstrom.com)
M.A.C. PRO Cream Colour Base in Rich Coral ($16.50, macpro.com for stores near you)
NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave ($23, sephora.com)

If you canÂ't get your hands on ChanelÂ's limited edition cake eyeliner, we also like Make Up For EverÂ's Eyeliner Cake ($16, sephora.com). Also, you can swap NARS Lipstick in Red Lizard ($23, sephora.com) for Heat Wave if itÂ's sold out.

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