Are You Guilty Of These Music Festival Fashion Faux Pas?

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    Read on for the items no self-respecting style maven should be caught dead wearing, and shop our suggested alternatives. 

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    We understand that it’s warm out, and that you’ve worked really hard to get your abs in shape, but we don’t need to feel like we’ve walked in on you in the bathroom. 

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    Roma Faded Denim Shorts ($190)

    We favor this pair of tailored, lightweight shorts. 

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    We aren’t sure why you feel the need to channel Johnny Depp’s character in The Lone Ranger, but we are seriously concerned about the facial tan lines you’ll wake up with tomorrow.  

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    Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner ($9) in Jade

    Try a pop of bright eyeliner. 

    Inspiring eyeliner looks here

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    Yes, Karl Lagerfeld showed traditional Native American headpieces at his Pre-Fall 14 show in Dallas, but they’ve already come and gone on the festival scene. It no longer implies that you are a free spirit; it implies that you are a cliché.  

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    Forever 21

    Retro Fringe Pendant Necklace ($7)

    Add flair with a tasseled pendant necklace. 

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    This is a part of your body that doesn’t need bedazzling, especially when metal will heat up in the sun. 

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    Antique-Effect Gold-Tone Stackable Rings ($15)

    Stack these rings instead. 

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    Unless we are at a pool party, we’d rather not see your entire bathing suit—or bra, or body—through your clothing. 

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    Sonoran Eyelet Bustier ($225) in Peridot

    Switch mesh for delicate eyelet. This cropped bustier is perfect for wearing with a flirty skirt or high-waisted shorts. 

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    How hard are you dancing if you need your shoes to be strapped all the way up your legs? Too hard, we think. 

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    River Island

    Foot Covered Chunky Flat Sandals ($53) in Silver

    Try these comfortable slides; your feet will thank you. 

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    It is really great that you are hitting the festival with your BFF, but you don’t need to coordinate your outfits to have a good time. 

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    Pixie Market

    Anouk Florette Set ($76)

    We will, however, condone you wearing a cute matching set like this one. 

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    If you are in a bikini, you don’t need to draw more attention to your chest. Trust us. 

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    Mara Hoffman

    Ananda Bikini ($234)

    We love this brightly colored, patterned bikini instead. 

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    You will lose it, no matter how cute it looks with that outfit. 

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    LP Blue

    Boho Fringed Shoulder Bag ($31)

    Opt for a hands-free cross-body style. 

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    We highly doubt you are so cold that you need to wear a fur hat with animal ears. We also highly doubt that you are five years old. 

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    Free People

    Rush Straw Fedora Hat ($48)

    A lightweight, wide-brimmed straw hat will keep you cool. 

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Roma Faded Denim Shorts

Roma Faded Denim Shorts

A.P.C., $190
Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner

Queen Collection Vivid Impact Eyeliner

Covergirl, $9
Retro Fringe Pendant Necklace

Retro Fringe Pendant Necklace

Forever 21, $7
Antique-Effect Gold-Tone Stackable Rings

Antique-Effect Gold-Tone Stackable Rings

Guess, $15
Sonoran Eyelet Bustier

Sonoran Eyelet Bustier

Tibi, $225
Foot Covered Chunky Flat Sandals

Foot Covered Chunky Flat Sandals

River Island, $53
Anouk Florette Set

Anouk Florette Set

Pixie Market, $76
Ananda Bikini

Ananda Bikini

Mara Hoffman, $234
Boho Fringed Shoulder Bag

Boho Fringed Shoulder Bag

LP Blue, $31
Rush Straw Fedora Hat

Rush Straw Fedora Hat

Free People, $48
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