12 Style Rules To Break This Season

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    Click through to see which style rules we can’t wait to break. 

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    The Rule: Avoid Mixing Animal Prints

    We double dare you to double up on your favorite animal prints this weekend.


    Image via Stockholm Street Style 

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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    The Rule: Metallic Items Can Only Be Worn At Night

    To subtly shine during the day, pick a neutral and light-toned metallic, like rose gold, and keep the rest of your look extremely low-key and simple.


    Image via Gastro Chic

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    The Rule: Pearls Are Always Preppy

    Skip the standard strand and experiment with pearl-embellished shoes or accessories!


    Image via Style Du Monde

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    PHOTO: The Chronicle Of Her

    The Rule: Turtlenecks Are Only For Winter

    We suggest investing in a short-sleeve or sleeveless turtleneck top this spring. Conservative and sexy, right?


    Image via The Chronicle Of Her

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    PHOTO: I’m Koo

    The Rule: You Can Only Wear One Pattern At A Time

    The secret to setting this rule straight? Wear two patterns that have the similar shades and detailing.


    Image via I’m Koo

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    PHOTO: Lee Oliveira

    The Rule: Overalls Are For Tomboys Or Little Kids

    Not when you style them with your flirtiest pair of shoes and chicest sunglasses. Go ahead and prove this tomboy tall tale wrong!


    Image via Lee Oliveira

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    PHOTO: Lee Oliveira

    The Rule: Sweatshirts Are Only For Lazy Days On The Couch

    Get some extra use out of your sweatshirt this season by styling it with a lightweight overcoat and crisp white jeans.


    Image via Lee Oliveira

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    PHOTO: Lee Oliveira

    The Rule: Outerwear Is Strictly For Layering

    Let your coat be the focus of our next outfit by keeping your accessories to a minimum.


    Image via Lee Oliveira

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    PHOTO: Style Du Monde

    The Rule: Shorter Girls Should Avoid Jumpsuits

    Go for a fitted jumpsuit in a solid color to flatter your figure.


    Image via Style Du Monde 

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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    The Rule: Mini Dresses Should Not Be Worn During The Day

    Make your mini dress appropriate for day by pairing it with polished outerwear, like an oversized blazer or a simple coat.


    Image via Gastro Chic 

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    PHOTO: Gastro Chic

    The Rule: Ruffled Socks Are Only For Toddler Beauty Pageants

    So not true! If you’re feeling super girly, test out a pair of ruffled socks with heels this weekend. 


    Image via Gastro Chic 

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    PHOTO: Collage Vintage

    The Rule: Wearing Head-To-Toe Black Is Boring

    Keep an all-black outfit interesting by including different textures and bold accessories.


    Image via Collage Vintage 


    Which style rule are you going to break first? Post your answer in the comment section below! 

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