The Must-See Instagram Shots You Missed This Week

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    Click through our slideshow to peruse these sartorially inspiring pictures from the past seven days, from Alexa Chung's snack stop to Emma Roberts' Paris sightseeing snap.

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    Alexa Chung

    "I scream! @veuveclicquotuk"


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    Scott Schuman

    "Colorful drinks before Missoni fashion show in Milan"


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    The Coveteur

    "Grace, girl, that you? #CoveTourdeFrance @voguemagazine"


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    Tara Swennen, Celebrity Stylist



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    Rita Ora



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    Miroslava Duma, Buro 24/7 Founder

    "me and my old pal in Paris"


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    Michael Carl, Vanity Fair Fashion Market Director

    "@brunomagli shoes are beautiful like a rainbow #truecolors @bagsnob"


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    Jake Rosenberg, Photographer

    "... "


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    Humberto Leon, Opening Ceremony Co-Founder & Kenzo Co-Creative Director

    "KENZO resort 2014! Just a sunny day in Paris with 10 girls hanging out....thank you sun!"


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    Geri Hirsch

    "Diving right into the week"


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    Yvan Rodic, Photographer

    "Schön schön schön #berlin"


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    Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief

    "#unionsquare chalk art. #pride!"


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    Emma Roberts

    "Love locks in Paris!"


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    "faux hawks + black-yellow-white = BIG WIN #CherEarrings via"


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    Chloe Moretz

    "Rad nails #startyourengines"


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    Derek Blasberg, Harper's Bazaar Editor-at-Large

    "Lady in (Valentino) red: @KarlieKloss in the designer's garden"


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