Petra Flannery

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    Even if you're not familiar with Petra Flannery's name, we're certain you're familiar with her incredible work. The celebrity stylist is responsible for red-carpet wonders such as Emma Stone, Zoe Saldana, and Mila Kunis, to name a few, and her sartorially savvy work with these ladies explains why she's so in demand. This style expert is nothing short of inspirational, which is why we're delighted to feature her uber-chic studio in this month's installment of Fashion Office with The Coveteur!
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    "My board is where I keep things I don't want to lose. A bow I removed from an outfit, a receipt, an invitation. I attach pictures I love, things that inspire me or that I desire. My favorite keepsakes are the letters I have received from all the amazing designers I am lucky to work with."
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    "My Louis Vuitton wheelie has literally been all around the world with me. It is my constant carry‐on. It not only holds my important things, but has been known to carry a red carpet dress or two, like to Cannes last year when I was literally off the plane to dress a client. No time to spare on lost luggage!"
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    "Studded Louboutin shoes work with everything, from a pair of jeans to leather pants or a skirt. They add a sense of power to your walk."
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    "Products are essential to a day's work. Dr. Lancer's skin toner is a great skin refresher. I love the Furterer dry shampoo, a must for travel. The Frederic Fekkai straightening balm is ideal for those mornings where time is short; slick hair back, add a touch, and [then you have] no flyaways. Lastly, I spray a little Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle, my favorite scent, and I'm ready to go."

    "The Chanel passport cover is always at hand in case of travel. Even though I love Post-its, I still like to write down my appointments and notes in an organizer. The red Hermes planner was a gift from my team at the Margaret Maldonado Agency. I love the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer, these are fun with the yellow. Although I do tend to change up my sunglasses, I wear Ray-Bans a lot."
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    "The drum is made of ceramic, which is very cool. Even cooler, I got it out of my sister's garage! She worked in interior design for many years... she is my go-to for décor. The chair I bought from a little store in New York years ago. When I moved to my studio space I decided to spray-paint it black and upholster it in hot pink. It makes me happy and I love it next to the leopard. Mix in a little Chanel. It is one of my favorite brands, so classic and timeless. Whether I am wearing a little Chanel jacket, bag, or even just a pair of sunglasses it makes me feel put-together."
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    "I always try to keep snacks available. I love a little afternoon sweet, gummi bears or black licorice. The days tend to go by so fast and with last-minute requests it is easy to forget to eat. Snacks can be a lifesaver."

    "Brian Atwood shoes galore. Brian makes great shoes. He makes styles so wearable and has really gone to the next level with his range of colors. All my clients love his shoes! The photo behind is a parting gift from my former assistant Marco. It captures my love of shoes."
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    "The gloves are from a TV spot where my client was riding a motorcycle. I thought it would be fun to mix in more fashionable gloves to keep it feminine. Most of these are from LaCrasia in New York, they make the best gloves!"

    "The pink giraffe heels are Louis Vuitton. The purple and green are Giuseppe Zanotti for Vionnet. A colored shoe is a great way to make an outfit pop. I love flowers and always try to have them in the studio, it really brightens up a work space. Collecting books is a hobby of mine. From fashion to architecture, I use them as a source of inspiration."
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    "My Celine bag is one of my favorites. It's the perfect leopard and goes with everything. The booties are Alexander McQueen and super fun. I love my white lacquer desk. It is where I work when I am in the office. I try to keep it clean so I can stay focused, not always easy with the amount of Post-its I tend to collect! My French chair is something I have repainted and recovered several times. I like the contrast it has to the desk."
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    "This is an example of what I constantly have hanging in my studio. Wardrobe racks are filled with designer clothes for upcoming fittings, client travels, etc. It is a flow of beautiful samples waiting to find a home on one of my clients and walk the red carpet."

    "Shoes are very important. The amount of beautiful shoes these days is a dream. For me a shoe can really make a look. This is why I collect them in so many colors, patterns, and styles. I love them all-Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Chanel, Lanvin, Giuseppe Zanotti-the BRANDS go on for days!"
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    Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe Zanotti for Vionnet
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