Lauren Bucquet

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    Warning: our May installment of Fashion Office is very likely to incite a girl crush, so proceed at your own risk. This month we've teamed up with our truly exceptional friends at The Coveteur to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the office of Rag & Bone's shoe and accessory designer: Lauren Bucquet. Talented and tremendously humble, Bucquet is just as insightful as she is inspiring, so be sure to check out her office!
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    Top: "These are my Illesteva sunglasses, I love the classic silhouette mixed with the not-so-classic metal frames. They are definitely one of my summer go-to's."

    Bottom: "When we started making shoes at R & B, we were just looking to make the perfect basics, essentials for every girl's wardrobe. These are a version of those first-ever shoes I designed for Rag & Bone. Four years later, I'm still wearing these same oxfords. I think they're the perfect mix of casual and clean with the canvas/leather combo."
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    "New NYC store coming soon!"
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    Top: "This season was a mix of vintage African textiles, decaying interiors of 1960s Cuba, and super sharp tailoring. It's always interesting when you take various themes that are completely unrelated, and start to see what unfolds in a collection."

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    Top: "Right now I'm working on Spring 13-there are tons of new developments happening. We're about to launch our first handbag, as well as expand our footwear line in a very strong way. I can't wait for everything to get out there in the market!"

    Bottom: "There is a really funny story behind this tiny little bag. When we first started developing our handbag, we were doing a lot of vintage research, especially on eBay. My coworker emailed me saying she found a really amazing vintage bag, that it looked like it was handmade and with great authentic distressed details. A week later, we received a small greeting card envelope, and inside was this little guy. It was indeed handmade, just not in the way we expected!"
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    "These are our reception press books, so all the people coming through can check out the great press we've gotten over the years."
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    Top: "I've always had a thing for collecting all kinds of trinkets and vintage bits, as does Marcus. These are actually some of his old chains, watches, and fobs, some of which we've used for styling inspiration in the past."

    Bottom: "I started at Rag & Bone five and a half years ago, as their first-ever intern, while I was still in school at Parsons. The company was literally Marcus, David, one patternmaker, and one company manager. I've really seen the company grow from the ground up."
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    Top: "Fabric is one thing that we're never short on at Rag & Bone. When we're looking for new materials, it's easy to go a bit overboard, but it all starts with the fabric, and it's where we find a huge part of our inspiration each season. This is actually the first thing you see when you walk into the design offices, so it really gives you a sense of the creative and productive space you're in."

    Bottom: "I tend to have an affinity for anything mini, as well as most things Celine, so when I first saw this bag online, it became an instant obsession. I literally stalked Barneys and Bergdorf until it arrived! The shoes are all vintage. The platforms are these amazing, hand-woven shoes made in Mexico from the 1960s, they definitely helped shape our Pre-Fall 12 collection in a major way. The ones on the end are vintage Dr. Scholl's, super classic."
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    "Of course I owe so much to Marcus and David, my bosses for the last five and a half years. They've been huge supporters for me over the years and not just at Rag & Bone. They attended my graduation runway show at Parsons and even gave a speech at my wedding! It's amazing working with them and it has been amazing to see Rag & Bone grow to where it is today."
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    Top: "I love the CDG pouches and wallets, so simple and chic. I'm constantly traveling for work, so this guy is my main companion on the road. I use it to hold my passport, my iPod, and other travel necessities, and then at night I can use it as an easy clutch when I'm going out to business dinners."

    Bottom: "The Newbury Boot was our attempt at making the most perfect boot for the New York girl-easy to walk in, but high enough to feel feminine, and clean enough to be able to wear with everything. These are a version coming this fall, in rich, waxy suede. The Everest Boot on the left is from our F/W 10 mountaineering-inspired collection, this was a super fun collection to design...I still love those vintage ski buckles!"
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