Janie Bryant

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    Calling all Mad Men fans out there--this Fashion Office is one for the ages. We've teamed up with our amazing pals at The Coveteur to turn the spotlight on one of the most extremely influential and delightful talents in Hollywood: costume designer extraordinaire Janie Bryant!
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    Top: "I'm always inspired by vintage magazines! I love the photography, the fashion, the advertisements, and of course the models and their poses."

    Bottom: "The 'magic' happens when my desk is a disaster! I love all of my magazines, books, swatches, sketch pads, pencils and all of my inspirations are all about my desk. If I'm not at my messy desk you can find me working on the floor. There's more room to spread out!"
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    Top: "I would love to costume design a baroque period film. I love the opulence of the period for both the men and the women. Maybe you can see my love for decadence by the rococo bird painting! The jacket is a vintage mink from the 1960's."

    Bottom: "These are a few of my bridal gown designs. Bridal to me is all about femininity, romance, tradition and opulence."
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    Top: "Barbie! Another obsession. This cute disco Barbie pouch was a gift from a girlfriend who appreciates all of my showgirl attributes!"

    Bottom: "That is the infamous Cadillac work bag. Each time one wears out I buy another one. I'm on my 4th or 5th!"
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    Top: "These were a couple of designs that I sketched for Maidenform to show what shapewear you could wear under your clothes. I love lingerie, and in fact just collaborated with Maidenform to launch their 90th Anniversary Capsule Collection."

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    Top: "[My studio] is the 3rd floor of my house and as far as I know about the history of the house it was an add-on at some point.

    Bottom: "I am inspired by people, places, art,movies, magazines, etc. My site www.janiebryant.com is all about my inspirations."
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    "This is a fun shot of my ornate, fancy letter opener along with a vintage Bazaar. You can also see one of my gold charm bracelets that I wear all the time. I love to layer and stack gold bracelets up my arm!"
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    "I'm obsessed with the history of costume! This Taschen book is one of my favorites! The size alone is just so damn impressive it makes you want to dive right in!"
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    "The Fashion File, It was an amazing experience to be able to write a book and to work with my dear friend and co-author Monica Corcoran Harel, every day. Someone had mentioned to me that writing a book was like having birth and having done it now I would have to agree!"
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    "Mad Men Betty Barbie, 1960's hot pink fedora, watercolors and colored pencils that I use for my designs/sketching. March 1st was the launch of the second Banana Republic + Mad Men Collection. I have really enjoyed designing this collection and working with Simon Kneen, Banana Republic's Creative Director, to create this modern, luxurious collection inspired by the Mad Men look."
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