Shirley Cook

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    To say we're elated about today's installment of Fashion Office is basically the understatement of the year. After all, is there a girl in the world who's not obsessed with all things Proenza Schouler? Signs point to no, which is why we--along with our uber-talented friends at The Coveteur--are so excited to show you the office of Shirley Cook, Proenza Schouler's CEO!
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    Top: "Every day is very different depending on the time of year (and time of day). I'm involved in literally every part of the company so at any given moment I could be reviewing sketches and colors, discussing sales strategy, reviewing business plans, or visiting stores. The best part of my job is that I'm never bored or pigeonholed into one area."

    Bottom: "I love the combination of materials: a nice poor linen and a beautiful painted snake."
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    "PS1 is our little pride and joy. It very much does embody the spirit of Proenza Schouler in that it looks like something familiar but is totally new. There's an ease and elegance of the bag that allows it to work well for so many people AND it's very user-friendly-so practical. It is a great singular expression of PS."
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    "It's an unlikely everyday bag, but it ends up being something you just can't let go of...."
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    Top: "These are from Fall 2011-open-toe pony skin booties with purple suede and blue felt highlights-I LOVE THEM! I love wearing them with a full runway look rather than just jeans and a tee. There's something great about wearing them exactly as intended."

    Bottom: "The PS girl is pretty easygoing. She loves fashion but isn't obsessed with it and definitely has other things going on. She's aesthetically driven (to a degree), but is very much a real person. My favorite collection is Spring 2011. To me, it's almost a perfect expression of Jack and Lazaro and PS because you see all the nods to classic elements but everything feels so new. I also love the bravado of showing evening looks with flat gladiator boots. It's sort of irreverent and beautiful and desirable and respectful all at the same time."
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    "The shoes immediately make me think of Jen Brill. I do have to say I think she wore them the most and the best!"
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    "That little wallet! It's such a great gift for everyone and it comes in a million different colors. I sometimes use them as clutches in the evening."
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    "Most of the photos are from Vogue, some aren't. They have all been gifts to us."
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    "Jack and Lazaro are undoubtedly talented (we all know this and it's attested to in every magazine all the time), but why I appreciate them goes so far beyond the work that they do as inspiring designers. They are really great people to work with and to work for-our entire staff feels really attached to them and they have created a pretty large staff that all feels like family. It's because of who they are that all the employees go the extra mile and really care."
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