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    We couldn't be more excited about January's installment of Fashion Office and have a feeling you'll be equally delighted! The reason is simple: we've teamed up with our amazingly talented friends at The Coveteur to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the work life of one of the fashion world's most beloved figures. Today we are delighted to feature Donna Karan's Senior Vice President of Global Communications, the truly memorable Aliza Licht!
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    "I saw those shoes from across the room and it was love at first sight. They are from Donna Karan Resort Pre-Fall 2010. I wore them to the CFDA awards last year and then decided they are really such a work of art that I can't just relegate them to the closet. So now I just keep them in the office & gaze at them lovingly from time to time."
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    "Donna is a visionary. Who else can you think of that would shoot an ad campaign with a woman being sworn into office in 1992?! Peter Lindbergh shot these. Rosemary McGrotha is the model. Don't they look so believable?! I love seeing these images every day when I come into my office. It reminds me we never should give up on trying to do things that have never been done. Someone always has to be the first. Donna really is revolutionary."
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    "I started my career in the accessories closet at Harper's Bazaar. Fast forward and I'm still in and out of the closet. Tons of eye candy. We meet with editors here when they come in to pull for shoots. That bag is the "Treasure," a fun collab we did with my friends Tina Craig & Kelly Cook, otherwise known as Bag Snob."
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    "I love our sketches. They are always pretty abstract and reflect Donna's creative spirit and artisan touch. Remember they told us we had to color in the lines? Well, it's more fun if you don't."
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    "This is my favorite dress from Donna Karan Resort 2012. It hung in my apartment once in between shoots and I swear I wanted to keep it hanging on my door hinge forever. That dress had a major fashion moment on Kerry Washington, but even Brad Goreski has tried it on while it's been in his possession for a celeb fitting. It's a work of art."
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    Top: "These are Donna Karan brooches from Resort 2012. They are the perfect accents to my pile of WWD copies. That, or weapons of mass destruction. Trust me, you don't want these thrown at you."

    Bottom: "I am sucker for a cap toe- especially in a metallic. Contrast that with light peach suede and a high stacked wooden heel and you've got yourself a statement shoe."
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    Top: "Can you tell I decorate with accessories? That DKNY bag is very motocross chic. I love the classic tassel in contrast with hardcore metal zippers. The fan is a gift from Japan. We have a lovely PR team there. I keep a wall of thank you notes from various notables. My favorite note is from Renee Zellweger, she actually just ripped out a page from her Filofax (remember those?!) and wrote right on there. After 14 years at Donna Karan, it's always nice to look back."

    Bottom: "Hand in hand with my love for stationery & fonts is my love for pens and markers. Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, is a dear friend and we met while she was working on a fashion week project for Sharpie. She asked if I would be interested in having branded markers that I could design. Dream project. #Obsessed"
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    "Red is a power color and on pale skin, there's nothing better. I am a huge fan of Essie's Forever Young, among other shades, but no matter what, I only wear red.

    The Moshi Moshi headset is amazingly comfortable & helpful for the amount of times my cell rings at my desk. Since I'm a Gemini I'm always multi-tasking, so I'll walk around the office on that phone while doing twenty other things. I once forgot I was on it and walked outside, tourists started snapping photos of me and I couldn't figure out why, until I remembered what I was holding. It's definitely a site to see.

    Gladys Palmer's Fashion People book is one of the funniest satires on the industry I've seen yet. The funny part is it's basically true."
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    Top: "With parents like LVMH, how can you not have your own branded champagne?! We partnered with Chandon for DKNY's 20th birthday. Chandon winemakers incorporated library wines spanning two decades, representing DKNY's 20 years. I can promise you I will never open it."

    Bottom: "I bought Arthur Elgort's Model Manual in 1995. I was a junior in college and had just decided that even though I would graduate with a BS in Neurobiology & Physiology, I didn't want to be a doctor (I couldn't sign up for a life in scrubs). This book was my ticket to another world. Arthur's photographs were and still are brilliant. I remember feeling really cool owning that book. It was a world my friends never thought about and one I grew up with, having wallpapered my walls with magazine editorial my whole life."
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    "It's no secret that I'm Twitter & Tumblr obsessed. A few years ago Style Coalition created the Fashion 2.0 Social Media Awards. We've won two years in a row. Truly honored by that. I love engaging with a community of enthusiasts. Now that I'm not a secret agent anymore, I can do so even more. This year will be known as the year of the "panel." There's nothing that makes me happier than sharing and learning. I was always an A student.

    The iPad case is DKNY. New York is an inspiration in everything we do."
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