Tara McCollum

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    Welcome to another exciting installment of Fashion Office! We've teamed up with our amazing talented friends at The Coveteur to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the offices of some of the fashion world's most exciting companies. This time around, we're so delighted to feature one of the top talents at Banana Republic: Tara McCollum, the brand's Public Relations Director!
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    Top: "Kidrobot Labbits - love 'em! They were a gift and come with interchangeable accessories that I switch depending on the day."

    Bottom: "Banana Republic is one big family. we just happen to work together. I'm lucky to be surrounded by such stylishly smart, creative, and kind individuals."
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    "Credits, credits! Our blood, sweat, and tears."
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    Top: "Color!"

    Bottom: "Banana's M&J trimming meets Gursky? Genius."
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    "We have our own tailors in-house, which is incredible. It amazes me how they can whip up a sample in a jiffy from a sketch."
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    Top: "Flanked by Banana's fragrance fleet, this is studded Loeffler Randall perfection-the talents of my dear friend, Jess."

    "Swipe that inspires!"
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    "It's crazy how much work goes into an eight minute show! This was last fall's show at The Nowery and A Fine Frenzy performed live."
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    Top: "The Mad Men capsule was so much fun to work on. We collaborated with Janie Bryant, Mad Men's costume designer extraordinaire, to launch this fab collection last fall. I'm a HUGE fan of the show so it was a thrill work closely with Janie, visit the costume shop, meet the cast, and get my mug with Jon Hamm. I died."

    Bottom: "My budding 'artists' are prolific. They give me so many pieces to treasure. They're a constant source of inspiration and reminder the world is brighter with optimism, wonder and creativity."
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    "Anh Duong style maven! If only we all could be that chic. I'm a sucker for a great clutch. As long as it fits my phone, wallet, and lipstick, I'm good to go. This Banana envelope is instant glam."
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    "The conference room is full of these Gap campaign shots from over the years-a humbling reminder of the iconic American brands we work for. BR chain bag leaves me chic and hands-free. What's not to love?"
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    Top: "Peyton and Giacometti were exhibitions Banana Republic sponsored. Peyton at The New Museum and Giacometti at MOMA. Both openings were incredible. Real "I heart NYC" moments."

    Bottom: "This vintage Banana number [clutch] is one of my favorites. A subtle, feather-printed satin. Divine."
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    Top: "Necklaces by my kids. I've gotten so many compliments on them when I wear them. They're the only ones that hold a torch to my Marni necklace obsession."

    Bottom: "Elephants are part of Banana Republic's safari heritage, so cashmere elephants were a must that we did years ago. Adorning them are a kukui nut lei, a reminder of home (Hawaii) and a Miu Miu necklace my hubby gave me."
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