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    Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all fashion lovers because it's time for another another thrilling installment of Fashion Office! We've teamed up with our amazing talented friends at The Coveteur to give you a behind-the-scenes peek into the offices of some of the fashion world's most exciting companies. This time around, we're so delighted to feature the truly talented Taylor Tomasi Hill, Marie Claire's most recent Style & Accessories Director and now the Artistic Director for Moda Operandi!
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    Top: "Tabitha shoe and Chloe bag. You can find both of these lovely items in the November issue." [Shoe: Tabitha Simmons; Bag: Chloe]

    Bottom: "This is my third name plate and I just gave up when I told them my name has Hill on the end of it. I was married long before I came to MC, but my first day of work the name plate read: Tailor Tomassi. The second: Taylor Tomassi. This is what I got the third time around, so I just went with it. It gets the job done."

    [Regarding the jewelry.] "While I do love a good bling piled on, I find myself taking more and more bracelets off these days. Too many people doing the same thing and it's getting a little redundant."

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    Top: "These are my go-to vintage sunnies! The shape is great for a narrow face. I used these as a template for sunnies Linda Farrow is producing for my line with Lane Crawford. They will soon be available for all those who love a cat-eye." [Click here for a peek at the collection, which launches in January 2012!]

    Bottom: "Celine just keeps getting more and more ridiculously amazing! I want everything, just like every other fashion editor I know."
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    "On the left are very edited storyboards for my "FOB" or front-of-book pages. These are the pages where there are only a couple items on the page."
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    "Marc Jacobs, my favorite resort piece from him."
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    "Balenciaga shoes...Unfortunately, these didn't make the cut in my Fall's Best Accessories story, but I still adore them. I'm a Balenciaga girl, through and through."
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    Top: "I shot most of these accessories in my November story, it's by far one of my favorite stories thus far. The mixtures of textures, prints, and bright fluorescents is just so amazing to me, I can't get enough. It's hard to save money for decorating my new apartment when I am surrounded by these lovely ladies all day!" [Clutch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Sneaker: Giuseppe Zanotti; Sandals: Michael Kors; Bag: Balenciaga]

    Bottom: "I think I am just drawn to accessories because I grew up in a children's accessories showroom. My parents owned the largest children's sales showroom in Dallas. I grew up surrounded by any and every accessory you can imagine. I was writing orders at age 10, and held the very important role of popping fresh popcorn for all of our customers."
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    "This is the second love of my life, Stormy Morning Tomasi Hill. She's 13-years-old and when she developed arthritis my lovely brother-in-law and his girlfriend offered to move her to Dallas where she won't have to deal with a crazy walk-up-she just can't take the stairs anymore.

    My brother-in-law's girlfriend is so thoughtful and sends me these adorable cards which she calls "Tim Mail," we call her Timmy for short, long story. Anyhoo, they always end up posted at my desk to keep me laughing throughout the day."
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    "I'm definitely one to try to find the fun in anything I do. This shot was when Sergio [Kletnoy, who assists Joanna Coles, Marie Claire's Editor-in-Chief] and I were playing around with the interns after a run-through. It can be so serious around the office at times, and sometimes you just need to take a little downtime to play around.

    [Regarding the picture on the bottom, right]

    Sergio is constantly trying to get me to pose for his column and clearly I don't mind the camera when I'm all decked out in any sort of "costume." The neck piece is an amazing brand called On Aura Tout Vu, which is a French expression meaning: "You think you've seen it all.""

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    Top: Jewelry, Various Designers

    "The necklace on my Apple is a brand called Shourouk that I found at a tradeshow in Paris a few years ago. I am so excited for them, as they are finally getting a lot of buzz in the States."

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    Shoe, Givenchy; Sunglasses, Dior
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    "This is a rare Fendi! I shot something very similar in November, same print, but different shape."
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