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    Since we kicked off our Fashion Office series by taking you inside our Los Angeles work space, it only seems fitting we also give you a truly exciting peek at the inspirational (and brand new!) Toronto offices of our incredibly stylish partners-in-crime: The Coveteur. It was only a matter of time before Erin Kleinberg, Stephanie Mark, and photographer Jake Rosenberg-- the masterminds behind the beloved site--turned the cameras onto themselves, and we couldn't be more thrilled to give you all of the behind-the-scenes access here on Who What Wear!
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    "We always have our Canadian (yes-if you haven't realized by now we're based in Toronto) Press Stylebook and Caps and Spelling Guide on hand-hence the spelling of "favourite" throughout our website. It all makes sense now, right? Oh, and the Chicago Manual of Style. Many of our office debates have been settled by this massive orange book; it's practically our bible...aside from"

    "We're all about paying homage to our Canadian red and white roots, but we couldn't help but give a shout out to our homes away from home: the U.S.A and the U.K., too. We'd argue we spend more time on planes than at our desks here. And shout out to Tylenol, the unofficial sponsor of T.C. HQ for getting us through endless headaches."

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    All In The Name

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    "New office, new logo, new... we'll let you figure that out!"
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    "This is homage to our fashion family: Uncle Karl and Auntie Anna. Enough said."
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    "We're kind of hoarders...but only when it comes to our Brag Board. (It doesn't compete with Nicole Phelps's, but it comes close.) Over the past year and half, we've saved every note, invite, backstage pass we've ever received. We've been so fortunate to have met and worked with some of the most amazing people in the biz and there's nothing like a handwritten note straight from the source; e-mail is so 2012."
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    "It's safe to say that this is where the magic happens: Jake's office. This is another big photo, big frame, big moment in TC history. Jake captured this photo during our collab with ChloƩ for the MET Gala. This photo seemed like something straight out of the Studio 54 days when Bobby Miller shot the scene as the stars left the club."
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    "Jake loves to collect vintage cameras and film as a nod to the past; we just think they look really dope."

    "The Eiffel Tower is a fond reminder of The CoveTour de France when we travelled to Paris with CHANEL to attend the Paris-Bombay show, tour the Massaro, the Joaillerie, and of course, Coco Chanel's apartment. We popped by Colette and made sure to snatch a few symbolic souvenirs."
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    "The better the photo, the bigger the frame. Plus, these are some of our most epic moments: Capturing (or should we say "Kapturing?") Khloe Kardashian's Louboutin-filled kloset, our collab with CHANEL at Jen Brill's pad, and the day we went backstage at OVO Fest with Drake, Nicki Minaj, Snoooooooooooooop (you know how it goes!), 2 Chainz, Rick Ross (a.k.a. Ricky Rozay) and more. Truly unforgettable!"
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    "Our very good friend, Curtis Kulig, gave us this "Love Me" poster. We seriously love him and his work. (PS: stay tuned for his closet: coming soon to a Coveteur near you!) Our inspiration board is full of tear sheets from some of our favourite magazines, thank you cards, and of course, a few words of wisdom: "Keep calm and Coveteur on."
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    "This fireplace was a major selling point for our office. That and the exposed brick, high ceilings, loft and beams. (Yeah, we really lucked out hard with this space.) We're proud to display our National Magazine Award for Best New Visual Creators, which we won earlier this year. It's practically the Oscars of the magazine publishing world. It was a huge honour to be recognized for our work and gain the respect of our industry peers. Such a huge accomplishment! We keep our flask close by for...well, long nights."
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    "We've done some pretty amazing things over the past year and half, from touring Coco Chanel's apartment to shooting the wardrobe department of the National Ballet of Canada. After shooting the costumes of Romeo and Juliette, the lovely people of the NBOC gifted us with these pointe shoes. We clearly don't do ballet (nor will we ever be the next Alessandra Ferri!) but we like to put these on from time to time and channel our inner Black Swans."
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    "When we found this office, we knew there was huge potential to do things that reflected our style and aesthetic: clean, modern and a with big splash of colour. We turned our office into a micro-museum of some of our best work and spent endless hours choosing our favourite photos to frame. As for the Charlotte Olympias, Erin received them as a gift from Ms. Charlotte Olympia herself. They even came with a cute Polaroid signed by Charlotte-and yes, Erin kept that, too."
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    Bag Ladies

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    Flower Power

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    Inspirational Imagery

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    Million Dollar View

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    Modern Minimalism

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    All In Its Place

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