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    If you're a fashion fanatic in the slightest, chances are you spend a fair amount of time on every day. The site is the go-to resource for the entire industry, thanks to its breaking news, trusted reviews, and comprehensive catalog of every look from every show, all of which are guided by today's top-notch subject:'s Executive Editor, Nicole Phelps. This ultra-insider graciously gave us access to her office for this month's Fashion Office, which was created in partnership with our amazing friends at The Coveteur!
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    "Marina Larroude,'s market director, is always telling me to get a shelf. She's right. I inevitably need something out of one of the books closest to the bottom. Some of them date to my ELLE magazine days and even have Post-it notes from back then. I love opening something and finding little time capsules like that."
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    "My office will never be this neat and clean again. At we always say that 'the Internet never sleeps' and during fashion show season our staff doesn't sleep much either. But even during the three months of the year that we're not covering shows (April, August, and November) it's still full-on just getting the daily content up."
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    "I have subscriptions to tons of magazines, but Paris Vogue is the one that I never toss."
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    "When it comes to fragrances, I switch between Scent of a Woman from Frederic Malle and the latest from the Escentric Molecules gang (right now I love Kinski, which is technically a men's perfume). But I held onto these Prada boxes because I love their Art Nouveau design."
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    "This is another Karl Lagerfeld memento. Way, way back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was re-elected President, WWD held a survey asking what Hillary should wear to the Inauguration Ball. As the assistant to Etta Froio at the time, I was the girl who received all the entries. Karl Lagerfeld's came on personalized stationery, naturally, and with a trademark quip. He chose a Donna Karan look that was modeled by Linda Evangelista, or some other Glamazon, and wrote, 'The body can be ordered too?"
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    "I don't usually buy them for myself, but I love fresh flowers. If someone asks for a florist, I usually recommend VSF on 10th Street in the West Village."
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    "These line drawings arrived in the mail one day from Tibi designer Amy Smilovic. I should have them framed, they're so pretty. The Blackberry wannabe from Samsung is my work device. I still use it for emailing because during shows I do so much writing on the thing. I guess I'm a bit of a Luddite."

    "The python bag is by Reed Krakoff. I got it last summer and have been putting it to good use since. I'm not a bag freak, so I appreciate its simplicity and how anonymous it is."
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    "A souvenir from a story at ELLE magazine."
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    "I am a creature of habit: yogurt, fruit, and a Starbucks for breakfast, and for lunch a salad from Pret a Manger or La Pain Quotidien, or if I'm really lucky, leftovers that my husband packs me. He's the house chef since our son was born."

    "This is the invitation to Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 Plato's Atlantis show. I don't usually hang onto invites, but this one was special, its lenticular design changes from a normal girl-well, if you can call Raquel Zimmermann, who starred in the video that played behind the runway, normal-and an underwater alien. Of course, it was McQueen's last show while he was alive; now I'll never get rid of it."
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    "'s first ad campaign promoting New York Fashion Week. The only thing better than coming up with alliterations like Passionate about Proenza Schouler and Zany For Zac Posen was seeing it plastered all over Manhattan."
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    "Fairchild CEO Gina Sanders calls this my brag board. My favorite note on it came about a year ago from Nicolas Ghesquiere. In's review of his Spring 2012 Balenciaga show I wrote, 'The fashion set has long worshiped at the altar of Nicolas Ghesquiere,' so he signed his letter, 'Religiously yours.'"

    "I received these pencils as a present from my W magazine days, somewhere around 1998. The gift that keeps on giving..."
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    "Conde Nast Digital Editorial Director Jamie Pallot (who is now at and's Editor-in-Chief Dirk Standen presented this to me at a lunch at the Lamb's Club. A job at comes with a lot of perks, but the best thing about it has always been the people I work with."

    "My Emilio Pucci heels. I love Peter Dundas' tomboyish take on sexy. Not that these necessarily qualify..."
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