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    If you've ever wondered what it's like to walk in a Beauty Director's very fashionable footsteps, today's subject should definitely be on your radar. Teen Vogue's incredible Eva Chen is both wildly stylish and ultra-savvy with all things tech, as evidenced by her prolific and personable Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr updates. We're so delighted to feature her in today's Fashion Office, which was photographed, as always, by our wonderful friends from The Coveteur!
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    "I adore Chanel and I also adore anything itty-bitty. Therefore, these mini-bottles of Les Exclusifs are one of my favorite things in my office. And, fittingly, I often wear Chanel Beige (day and night). Another favorite scent of mine is Hermes Hermessence in Rose Ikebana."

    "I wish I had one of those desks that has three sheets of papers on it, a gorgeous vase of flowers, and that's it. But, for better or worse, an enormous amount of paper and products passes through my office (stories, press releases, nine trillion samples to test) and I do try to read or at least try it all of it before passing it on. That creates a logjam and really a rather messy desk, sigh."
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    "This is a classic Teen Vogue shoot-and something I'd wear in a heartbeat. Yes, even the glasses."
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    "Organized chaos? Not quite...More like chaos, period. I oversee the beauty, health, and features sections of the magazine, which means layouts are constantly flowing through my office! And despite the seeming mess, I swear I know where every.single.thing is in my office."

    "To celebrate Sephora's 10th anniversary in the US, the brand sent over giant (faux, sadly) lipsticks! Odd beauty fact: oversized large products of this sort are called factices. Now, don't you feel like a beauty editor?"
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    "Every beauty editor is different and loves a different category (fragrance, skincare, makeup, hair, etc). My personal favorites are nailpolish and skincare. Fragrance bottles, though, I do love to look at (if not wear scent). My favorite nail salons in NYC are Jin Soon (another friend!), Ten Over Ten (the best selection of polish brands, including Chanel), and Sakura for nail art. A new straight-from-Tokyo salon in LA just opened called MARS and they're my LA secret (for now)."
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    "I write notes with the same alacrity and abundance as I do email-which is to say a lot. I'm a big believer in handwritten notes-especially for thank yous! And that Fendi USB...Oh boy, it does not get cuter that that, huh?"
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    "Is it obvious by now that I'm a Chanel fan? That pillow was a gift from the fashion house. Swoon! Bobbi is a great friend both professionally and personally. I admire her drive and her business savvy. And her beauty aesthetic-clean, chic, classic-is something I'm still working on."

    From L-R: Thakoon by Giuseppe Zanotti, Miu Miu, Alaia, Valentino. "I live for shoes, obviously, and always have a small forest of them under my desk."
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    "Chanel and Hello Kitty-the ultimate in high-low and a pretty decent summation of my life philosophy! And I do have the luxury of getting flowers rather often. My favorites are the single-color bouquets from Miho-although she used to do an amazing and huge rainbow rose bouquet (that she's since discontinued). I received that once and it was the best thing I've ever received. The Teen Vogue finger was a celebration of Teen Vogue's #1 status in our market a few years back."

    "NARS is one of my favorite brands of all time. Funny Face is my absolute favorite lipstick of theirs."
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    "People are lamenting the end of the paper generation as people go digital but I think I keep Post-It Notes in business. They're everything."

    More mini-bottles of Chanel scents.
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    "Ah, my brown thumb is in evidence here. I've since passed on those bamboo plants to a better home. In any case, my swamp of an office has hosted pretty much every beauty creator out there as well as models galore. Invariably, they're distracted by the products they're surrounded by!"

    "I'm lucky enough to receive products an average of three months before they come out and my team and I share testing responsibilities! It's hard for me to name favorites (I imagine it'd be like choosing a favorite child) but a few perennial favorites: Tarte Lipstain in Amused, SK-II masks, Burt's Bees Pomegranate Body Scrub, Fresh Lip Sugar in Rose, Living Proof Full shampoo/conditioner."
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    "Interns, interns, interns-I have an amazing army of them whom I adore. We have a small team at Teen Vogue so we rely on interns and I try to give them an educational experience far beyond a photo-copier PhD. They do spend an inordinate amount of time in the closet."
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