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    Whether you know it or not, chances are you've fallen in love with Jenni Kayne's work at some point in time. A fashion-insider favorite, Kayne designs pieces that all the cool girls love, which is why we're so thrilled to showcase her amazing workplace in today's Fashion Office. Shot with our lovely friends from The Coveteur, this story is essential viewing for anyone who loves chic California style!
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    "When we are designing a collection, we always start with a tone along with an inspiration, and we create a mood board to reflect that. Cesar, my designer, has a huge collection of old Vogues that always come in handy; we also find images from photographers, artists, blogs, and other magazines. This mood board was for my Spring 2012 collection that's in stores right now. Below it are pictures of my kids, Tanner and Ripley, who are always an inspiration."
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    "We always have our past lookbooks up in the office for reference. Here, you see our first Pre-Fall collection, and below our Resort 2012 collection. Next to it are more images for our inspiration for Spring 2012-I especially love Linda on the cover of Vogue. At the bottom is Tanner's painting that I love."

    "I am a Virgo, so I am always very organized; a clean desk is essential for my sanity, especially in a small space like our Almont office. Peonies are my favorite flowers, and when they are in season I love having them at home and at work. One of my oldest friends started Pressed, and I am obsessed with their juice. I drink a Greens 2 and Grapefruit Mint every morning for breakfast. I also love their Watermelon Mint as an afternoon snack in the summertime!"
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    "This is our Almont office at our West Hollywood store, so it's small and very intimate. It's really important that it's organized and clean. We keep all our past seasons' orders, line sheets, and other vendors that we carry in the store in matching white binders on the shelves. Everything else is hung up on cork boards and white brick walls. I love working in this office because we all work closely together and get a lot done!"
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    "I love SMN Rose Water and wear it daily. I have one at home, in my car, and at work-just in case! I just started carrying Santa Maria Novella in the store, so now I am really in trouble. My husband and son love their Mint Water, too. I love jewelery! My favorites are Amulette (silver vintage Mexican cuff), Manin (gold signit rings), Irit (diamond rings), Lena Wald, and All for the Mountain-all of which I sell in my stores and wear all the time."
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    "Benjamin makes my favorite glasses, and I carry them in the store. Years ago he designed two styles inspired by me, called the Kayne and the Jenni-and soon after he made the Nicole, inspired by my best friend and amazing singer, Nicole Simone. Benjamin and I collaborate almost every season to create glasses to go with the newest collection, and I am always blown away."

    "Tanner painted that rock for me at a Hammer kids' art event, and I love it-it's the perfect paperweight. Those glasses are another style of Benjamin's glasses; my sister Maggie wears a style called the Milton. I go through phases with my iPad, but when I do carry it with me I carry it in a Claire Vivier leather clutch."
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    In-demand pieces from Jenni Kayne.

    "I never leave home without a Patricia Underwood for Jenni Kayne hat. I love them, and try to keep my face out of the sun as much as possible. I also sprinkle my office with family photos. The large photo of Tanner is a Catherine Opie portrait that my mother commissioned as a gift for us. Tanner chose the orange background because it is his favorite color. Next to it is a picture from his first birthday with my husband and I that makes me happy every time I look at it. The little Foo Dog my mom also gave me and I just love it."
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    "I love art and am lucky to be surrounded by beautiful art. My store on Almont is next to several great galleries: Regen Projects, M+B, and many more. But my favorite gallery is my sister Maggie's, Kayne Griffin Corcoran. Some of my favorite artists that we have in our house are Jed Lind, Deanna Thompson, Ed Ruscha, David Lynch, and Raymond Pettibon."

    "I would be an interior designer-but only for people who closed their eyes and just let me do everything! I just opened my second store in the Brentwood Country Mart and am so happy with it. I would like to open a couple more stores in California over the next few years, and eventually would like to open a kids' store and a general store."
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    "My husband bought me this bag for our five-year wedding anniversary and I love it. I carry it as much as I can-it's pretty heavy to carry all the time, but I always jokingly tell my kids, "Fashion hurts!" I love interiors more than I love fashion-I think because it's not my job. I wanted the store to reflect my vision and taste and feel warm, earthy, and modern. I think it is the perfect environment to showcase my collection."

    "I love when mothers and daughters come into the stores and can both walk out with something-my goal has always been to design a collection for women, regardless of their age."
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    "I was very driven and excited to start my own line at nineteen-and I am happy that I did. I can't believe I've had my collection for ten years, and I opened my Almont store five years ago this October. I think it's really important to enjoy every phase of your life and stay in the moment, because time flies. I can't believe I am turning thirty, have two kids, a husband, and two stores-but I feel very lucky and fortunate to be living my life."
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