From Mom With Love

Blogger Arielle Charnas of Something Navy looks back at the special moments she’s shared with her mom that has shaped her personal style. Tap or hover over each image to explore.

“With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend, I wanted to take the time to shine a much-deserved spotlight on my favorite fashion icon, my mom.”
“When I was little, I was captivated by watching her get ready for a night out.”
“She would pick out her clothes, apply her makeup, and (my favorite part!) go to her jewelry box to pick out her finishing touches for the evening.”
“She was always wearing these pearl earrings and I always thought, When I grow up and become a mom, I’m going to do the same thing.”
“It was always just so mommy-like, and in my mind, pearl earrings would mark my status as an official mom.”
“I loved this modern take on the classic pearl earrings from Swarovski: Edify Pierced Earrings are fun and edgy yet still sophisticated.”
“Swarovski is a great modern take on classic jewelry, and its pieces remind me of own style icon, my mom.”
“I loved when my mom would put on jewelry for the sparkle factor, but especially for the way she grazed her fingers so delicately over each piece, and how she would step back and gaze into the mirror to see her complete look.”
“I love stacking my rings, which she always did and continues to do this day.”
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