The Perks Of Having A Stylish Sister

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    There are countless benefits that come with having a sister (or two). Yes, it’s great to have someone you can trust with important things in your life—but when you can trust their style, that’s when you know you’ve won the sibling lottery. From fashion advice to borrowing clothes, there are tons of perks to having a stylish sister, which is why we’re counting down the top 10 reasons why they are simply the best…  

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    1. Her closet = instant, free shopping, 24/7/365

    She’s got you covered when you need a last minute outfit, are on a budget, or just need a hiatus from your own wardrobe.

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    2. She's your official beauty product tester.

    What’s BB cream? Is that hairspray going to make my hair too crunchy? Dose that new mascara get clumpy? She knows.

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    3. Guaranteed shopping buddy? Check.

    Not only will she shop with you, she will always give you an honest opinion.


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    4. She’s your very own fashion police.

    Think: Joan Rivers’ honesty with Giuliana Rancic’s delivery.

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    5. She will talk you out of a less-than-wise purchase.  

    “Trust me, you do not need those neon-pink heeled sandals.”


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    6. You score the occasional (AWESOME) hand-me-down.

    Purses, dresses, shoes—you name it, she’s got it.

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    7. She’s been there, done that.

    She can tell you what to wear on a first date, what shoes will kill your feet at prom, and what not to wear to that important job interview.

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    PHOTO: Adam Katz Sinding of Le 21ème

    8. She'll shop for you at the sale you can't make it to.

    She knows your taste, sizes, and favorite brands.


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    9. The perfect compliment to your personal style.

    The Mary-Kate to your Ashley, the Cara to your Poppy.

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    10. She will always by your side—and never in the same dress.

    She is always there when you need her, and if you ask us, there’s nothing better than that.




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