Fall DIY: Heart-Print Gloves

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    It’s easy to fall head-over-heels in love with Burberry Prorsum’s Heart Print Calfskin Gloves ($650)—they’re so darn cute, not to mention, a unique conversation piece to add to any cold weather look. So naturally, we were excited when DIY guru Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This came up to us with the idea of crafting our very own pair at home. You’ll be delighted to know her step-by-step instructions are super easy to follow, so keep reading for all of the need-to-know details. 

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    The Ingredients

    -Liz Claiborne Sleek Brown Leather Gloves ($30)

    -Card Stock ($3 for 25 Sheets)


    -White Fabric Paint ($2)

    -Paint Brush ($5)

    -Paper Tape ($1)

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    Step One: Stencil It

    Draw a heart shape on card stock and cut out with scissors. This will be your stencil. 

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    Step Two: Tape It

    Adhere the top and bottom of the stencil to the glove using paper tape. 

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    Step Three: Paint It

    With a paintbrush and white fabric paint, fill in the stenciled heart. Repeat creating a pattern on the glove. (Note: it’s best to give about an inch or more space between each heart.)

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    Final Product

    For another look at how to make today's heart-print gloves, check out this video from P.S. I Made This.

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