License To Chill: The Comfy Weekend Combo To Try

We’ve noticed a serious uptick in the number of beanie-and-sneaker ensembles on the streets of late. Surprisingly, the combination looks fresh rather than frumpy. So go ahead, treat yourself.

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    Style muses like Camille Charriere from Camille Over The Rainbow and Susie Lau of Style Bubble, amongst others, show us how to pull off this insanely comfortable weekend get-up. It’s all in the details.

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    PHOTO: Sara Strand

    Leather Pants + Layered Coats

    Adding a beanie and sneakers gives this sleek outfit a sporty spin.

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    PHOTO: Camille Over The Rainbow

    Bright Sunglasses + Duster

    Charriere upped the ante of her basic white-tee-and-black-pants ensemble by adding a long LaLa Berlin overcoat and sunny Rag and Bone Keaton Sunglasses ($350).

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    Faux-Fur Jacket + Leather Pencil Skirt

    Take a decidedly evening outfit—like this leather pencil skirt and faux-fur jacket— into daytime territory by pairing it with slip-on sneakers and a pale beanie.

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    Textured Jacket +Polished Bag

    Elevate a basic ensemble with a textured jacket and polished leather bag.

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    Parka + Polka Dot Sweater

    Sometimes it just feels right to go for a polka-dot sweater and puffy parker when it is freezing out. So what if we also wore it when we were five years old?

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style

    Plaid Coat + Ripped Jeans

    Avoid looking messy by using an outfit as the all-black canvas for a bright coat.

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Track Pants + Turtleneck

    Lau was spotted darting between shows at New York Fashion Week in a very sporty look. Her fitted white turtleneck and wide-leg track pants are not for the faint of heart, but if you’re going there, add some bright color in the form of an orange scarf or fluffy coat like Lau’s Shrimps Doris Coat ($785).

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    Denmark Sneakers ($85)

    Pair with a head-to-toe black base and a bright, printed coat.

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    Acrylic Watch Hat ($8)

    The classic beanie in a perfect shade of gray will last forever.

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    New Balance

    410 Heritage Sneakers ($113) in Gray/Blue

    A retro style with a hint of color.


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    Gold Logo Beanie ($36) in Royal

    Try this bold color with a gray coat.

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    Dunk High Skinny Print Shoe ($85)

    This subtle print is a versatile as white, but far more interesting.

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    Neff x Kate Upton

    Fold Beanie ($26)

    Designed by Kate Upton and Neff, we love the subtle text.

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    Saint Laurent

    Palm-Print Slip-On ($395) in Pink/Black

    Put some pep in your step with this fun palm tree print. You’ll use them all summer.

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    New Look

    Ribbed Beanie ($5) in Mint

    This longer, pale version would work well with leather pants and layered jackets.

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    Chambray Authentic Lo Pro Sneakers ($55)

    Equally great with tights during the winter or bare legs in the summer.

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    Scandi Fair Isle Beanie ($28) in Cream

    Perfect for pairing with a parka.

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    Basket Profi OG Shoes ($80) in Gold

    No one has ever regretted buying gold high tops. Ever.

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    Ascent Beanie ($36) in Coral Marl

    A sunny color will get you through the remaining gray days of winter.

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Denmark Sneakers

Denmark Sneakers

Asos, $85
Acrylic Watch Hat

Acrylic Watch Hat

Carhartt, $8
410 Heritage Sneakers

410 Heritage Sneakers

New Balance,
Gold Logo Beanie

Gold Logo Beanie

Dope, $36
Dunk High Skinny Print Shoe

Dunk High Skinny Print Shoe

Nike, $85
Fold Beanie

Fold Beanie

Neff x Kate Upton, $26
Palm-Print Slip-On

Palm-Print Slip-On

Saint Laurent, $395
Ribbed Beanie

Ribbed Beanie

New Look, $5
Chambray Authentic Lo Pro Sneakers

Chambray Authentic Lo Pro Sneakers

Vans, $55
Scandi Fair Isle Beanie

Scandi Fair Isle Beanie

Topshop, $28
Basket Profi OG Shoes

Basket Profi OG Shoes

Adidas, $80
Ascent Beanie

Ascent Beanie

Superdry, $36
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