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    Few venture into uncharted territory when it comes to red carpet beauty. They might rock a crazy dress or wild shoes, but when it comes to hair and makeup most women just want to look pretty. Here, we salute ten actresses who found a way to take a risk at Hollywood's biggest party of the year, the Academy Awards, and still look lovely. To begin, Barbra Streisand, who accepted her Best Actress Oscar for Funny Girl in 1968 with a Twiggy eye and her famously sharp talons, the latter of which have made quite the comeback in the past two years on the hands of Rihanna and Adele.

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    The Italian legend's sultry bouffant and smoky eye is still relevant fifty years later, thanks in large part to Dolce & Gabbana.

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    True, it was Cher's spangled Bob Mackie gowns that usually made headlines, but in 1974--the first year she attended the Academy Awards without Sonny--she didn't wear much. She wrapped a bit of sheer, tropically printed fabric across her chest and waist and painted her eyelids to match with shimmering shades of blue and purple.

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    Davis might have naturally curly hair, but there's no doubt the side-flipped ringlets she donned to accept her Best Actress Oscar for The Accidental Tourist influenced a good number of girls to indulge in the decade's favorite treatment: a perm!

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    This now iconic look of Barrymore's launched thousands of daisy imitators. Her brick red lip and blunt baby bangs make this about as '90s as it gets.

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    Pre-Brad, pre-Billy Bob, Jolie caused quite a stir when she kissed her brother on the lips the night she won the Oscar for Girl, Interrupted. Not surprisingly, her Morticia-like hair, winged liner, and nude lip made more of an impression on us than anything else that night.

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    The normally sweet Paltrow went totally goth in a sheer black Alexander McQueen gown. Her hair was pulled back into a tight braid against her head to show off a matte complexion and kohl-rimmed eyes. It might not have been divisive at the time, but it's one of our favorites.

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    It takes a certain kind of woman to pull off mint green eye shadow, especially when wearing a mint green dress. But Jennifer Lopez rose to the occasion and topped off the look with custom-made mink eyelashes.

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    If there were anything in this story we'd actually suggest trying in real life, it's Johansson's angelic tiara-topped look. Her iridescent eye shadow and fuchsia lip stain would work with any skin tone. Tiara optional.

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    The yellow-dress-meets-red-lipstick combo feels like a classic just seven years after Williams made a shocking--and gorgeous--entrance at the Academy Awards. Now she's as well-known for her flawless red carpet style as she is her talent.

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