Update Your Sandals With This Easy DIY Stone Embellishment

As we head into August, our summer sandal fever shows no signs of breaking. Sure, we’re still hankering for all of the irresistible styles on the market, but we’re also chalking it up to today’s footwear-focused Do It Yourself project.

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    Inspired by Etro’s Stone-Adorned Leather Flat Sandals ($1360, 212.317.9096), the oh-so crafty Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This came to us with the idea of upgrading a pair of strappy sandals with agate embellishments. Naturally, we were excited about the project, as the results exude that global wanderer vibe we love. Bonus: it’s incredibly easy too! Keep reading for Domesek’s step-by-step instructions and don't miss the how-to video

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    The Inspiration

    Etro Stone-Adorned Leather Flat Sandals ($1360, 212.317.9096)

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    -Forever 21 Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals ($15)

    -2 Druzy Agate Stones ($10 each)

    -Krylon Gold Leafing Pen ($7)

    -E-6000 Adhesive ($3)

    -1 craft stick 

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    Step One

    Use the gold leaf pen to gild the sides of the druzy agate stones. (Note: you may want to match the color of your paint pen to your sandals.)

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    Step Two

    Squeeze a dollop of glue on the backside of the agate stones and spread evenly in the center with a craft stick.

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    Step Three

    Press the stone onto the middle of the sandal’s center strap and hold for approximately 30 seconds. Let dry completely before wearing. Repeat on other sandal. 

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    Final Product

    Let your newly embellished sandals take center stage with an airy white dress for your next farmer’s market outing. 

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Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals

Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals

Forever 21, $15
Druzy Agate Stones

Druzy Agate Stones

Fore Mountain Gems, $10
Gold Leafing Pen

Gold Leafing Pen

Krylon, $7


E-6000, $3
Wood Craft Sticks

Wood Craft Sticks

Chenille Kraft, $10
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