Update Your Sandals With This Easy DIY Stone Embellishment

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    Inspired by Etro’s Stone-Adorned Leather Flat Sandals ($1360, 212.317.9096), the oh-so crafty Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This came to us with the idea of upgrading a pair of strappy sandals with agate embellishments. Naturally, we were excited about the project, as the results exude that global wanderer vibe we love. Bonus: it’s incredibly easy too! Keep reading for Domesek’s step-by-step instructions and don't miss the how-to video

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    The Inspiration

    Etro Stone-Adorned Leather Flat Sandals ($1360, 212.317.9096)

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    -Forever 21 Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals ($15)

    -2 Druzy Agate Stones ($10 each)

    -Krylon Gold Leafing Pen ($7)

    -E-6000 Adhesive ($3)

    -1 craft stick 

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    Step One

    Use the gold leaf pen to gild the sides of the druzy agate stones. (Note: you may want to match the color of your paint pen to your sandals.)

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    Step Two

    Squeeze a dollop of glue on the backside of the agate stones and spread evenly in the center with a craft stick.

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    Step Three

    Press the stone onto the middle of the sandal’s center strap and hold for approximately 30 seconds. Let dry completely before wearing. Repeat on other sandal. 

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    Final Product

    Let your newly embellished sandals take center stage with an airy white dress for your next farmer’s market outing. 

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Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals

Metallic-Trimmed Gladiator Sandals

Forever 21, $15
Druzy Agate Stones

Druzy Agate Stones

Fore Mountain Gems, $10
Gold Leafing Pen

Gold Leafing Pen

Krylon, $7


E-6000, $3
Wood Craft Sticks

Wood Craft Sticks

Chenille Kraft, $10
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