DIY: How To Make Your Own Embellished Belt

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    You know that obsessive feeling you get when you fall in love with a designer piece and it’s literally all you can think about? That’s exactly how we feel about the entire Saint Laurent F/W 13 collection. Designer Hedi Slimane approached ‘90s grunge with a West Coast attitude, pairing luxe babydoll dresses with everything from flannel shirts to fishnet stockings. While we may not be able to invest in these covet-worthy pieces for a few more months--or ever, if we don’t get our budgets on track--we were delighted to find out we could get the Saint Laurent look with some help from our favorite DIY guru Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This. Perfect for elevating simple summer dresses, Slimane’s chain and charm-embellished belt serves as the ideal June project! Keep reading for Domesek’s step-by-step instructions to create your own show-stopping accessory, plus don't miss the how-to video

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    The Inspiration:

    Saint Laurent F/W 13 collection

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    The Ingredients:

    - 1 yard of 2 1/4 inch Grosgrain Ribbon ($2)

    -2.2mm Chain Cable ($9/package of 12 feet)


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    The Ingredients:

    -Buttons (note: Erica used a range of styles and sizes)

    -Pearls ($7/package)

    -Studs ($3.15/bag of 100)

    -Findings Mix ($15)


    -Glue Gun


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    Step One:

    To measure the appropriate length of your belt, wrap the ribbon around your waist, add a foot on each side, and then cut. Before you begin gluing, lay the ribbon on a flat surface. (Note: since you will be tying this belt, you will not want to embellish the entire ribbon; we recommend marking off a section the length of your waist.) Place the chain cables in a zigzag pattern across the section you want to embellish. Apply small dollops of glue along the top to secure.

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    Step Two:

    Layer and glue a healthy mix of buttons, pearls, and findings over the chain cables.

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    Step Three:

    Cover up any of the dried glue that is showing by pushing studs into the ribbon.

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    Final Product:

    For your next GNO, let your mixed-media belt take center stage against a flirtatious skater dress

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