DIY This Easy Ear Cuff For Under $15

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    We’re big fans of the latter look as part of a sparkly New Year’s Eve ensemble, which is why we wanted to share the easy steps to Honestly WTF’s DIY Ear CuffTurned off by notion of making your own jewelry? Don’t be. This professional-looking sparkler is a far cry from your preschool macaroni necklace. Besides, we’re guessing you might have a little time off for the holidays, so why not get crafty?​

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF


    - (5) 8 x 4mm Swarovski navette rhinestones & settings 
    - (6) 11 x 3mm Swarovski navette rhinestones & settings
    - (1) 2 x 40mm curved gold tube
    - (1) flat glue-on post
    - (1) stabilizer clutch
    - a pair of flatnose pliers
    - a pair of wire cutters
    - a hammer
    - a toothpick
    E6000 glue
    ​- thin piece of cardboard

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 1:

    Lay out a working surface to protect your table (a thin piece of cardboard works well), and hammer the hollow gold tube flat. The flattened hollow gold tube will be referred to as the “curved piece”. Use the flatnose pliers to flatten and even out the texture on the curved piece.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 2:

    Pull the working surface off the edge of a table. Pierce a hole and push the earring post through the working surface. Squeeze a dollop of E6000 glue onto a disposable spoon.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 3:

    Use a toothpick and apply a generous amount of glue onto the flat post. Glue the curved piece to the center of the flat post. Allow to dry for 10-15 minutes before applying more glue and attaching the shorter rhinestones to the flat post. Use the pliers and toothpick to help maneuver the rhinestones. Allow to dry.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 4:

    Add more glue along the curved piece and add the longer rhinestones, one piece at time in an alternating pattern.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 5:

    Use the toothpick to add glue along the sides of the rhinestones each time for extra hold. Dry overnight.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Step 6:

    Use wire cutters to trim away the excess metal. Check for any potentially loose pieces and add more glue. Allow to dry for at least another day before wearing. And be sure to back it with a stabilizer clutch to help keep the ear cuff from drooping.

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    PHOTO: Honestly WTF

    Final Product

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