Spring Flings

WouldnÂ't it be swell if your job required you to jet off to places like New York, Hong Kong, and Florence, in search of new fashion trends? Of course, your responsibilities would include perusing every available accessoryÂ--from haute couture to high streetÂ--months before product hits the streets. YouÂ'd have some really nifty personal style since youÂ've got these crazy resources at your fingertips, right?

Well, since the above description fits Katherine Zabloudil (fashion director for Guess handbags) exactly, we thought sheÂ'd be the perfect person to poll about her favorite Â"spring flings.Â" We asked Zabloudil what items sheÂ's crushing on for the seasonÂ--since sheÂ's seen it all. Read on for her chic, classic, and graphic selects.

1. Overall Look
Â"I love what DSquared is doing right now. Their line is so playful and sexy, and their accessories are getting more and more fabulous. I love this huge bag in particular, as I can fit everything I could ever possibly need insideÂ--and then some.Â" (price available on request, 646.613.8457)

2. Metallic Sandals
Â"These are my new favorite sandals for spring. I love that metallics are still in fashion, and theyÂ'll continue to look great through the season. This silver, braided, leather thong is the perfect item to wear with wide-leg linen pants and a sexy tank. Since theyÂ're so inexpensive, I bought three pairs to last me well into summer!Â" ($19, www.newport-news.com)

3. Mini Clutch
Â"This sexy evening clutch takes the trend of patent and gives it a S&M vibe, thanks to the wrist cuff. I have one in every colorÂ--black, tangerine, turquoise, and white.Â" ($58, www.guess.com, in stores soon.)

4. Striped Shades
Â"My pick for the best spring sunglasses are these funky stripped Ksubi shades. TheyÂ're from the designers formerly known as Tsubi (theyÂ're changing the company name, itÂ's official this October) and are an easy shape for most faces to wear.Â" (price available on request, 212.334.4690)

5. Bangle Bracelets
Â"I adore a mixture of big bangles on my arm and bought a ton of fun ones for the season. I particularly enjoy bangling (if you will) around the office, making lots of noise, and bothering my colleagues with the sound of metal smashing into metal. These Kenneth Jay bangles are perfect to mix and match.Â" ($98, www.maxandchloe.com)

6. Signet Rings
Â" Jewelry is always a major part of my wardrobe, and this season I think large rings are of key importance. I love this oversized signet ringÂ--itÂ's feminine but has a tomboy, rough-and-tumble bit of attitude too. Plus, itÂ's monogrammed, which makes it even more special. While IÂ'm into the shiny, yellow vermeil version, this ring comes in sterling as well.Â" ($125, www.laurenwimmer.com)

7. Charcoal Swim Suit
Â"This classic string bikini by Marni is my favorite styleÂ--the cut always works on me. I also love this shade of deep graphite. ItÂ's not your typical swimming costume color!Â" ($180, www.marni.com )

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