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Anyone whoÂ's ever been on or in a boutique has probably had their head turned by Charlotte RonsonÂ's designs. Her girly, flirty, casual pieces fit into any wardrobe (lord knows we have a few) and show up on our favorite trendsetters like Nicole Richie. WhoWhatWearDaily figured that RonsonÂ's impeccable taste and ahead of the curve sensibilities would pertain to her favorite websites as well, so we asked her to compile a list of her best buys on the internet. Results and reasons for her selections are after the jumpÂ...

1. Swiss dot crochet cotton v-neck slip dress in black by Charlotte Ronson, $211, or

Inspired by the 1963 Â"The Great EscapeÂ" starring Steve McQueen, Charlotte RonsonÂ's Spring/Summer 07 collection mixes feminine details (embroidery, crochet) with ethic and tribal prints.

2. Risky Business Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, $14,

Â"I love classic Rayban Wayfarers, but these are a nice, cheaper, alternative version clearly inspired by the originals. If you lose sunglassesÂ--or have the tendency to break themÂ--these are good to have around.Â"

3. iThunder Portable Boom Box System for iPods in pink, $179.95,

Â"This pink iPod ghetto blaster is so cute, every girl has to have one.Â'

4. Vintage Movie Posters from eBay, prices vary,

Â"I love beautiful vintage movie posters, especially ones with Brigitte Bardot or Raquel Welsh. TheyÂ're usually well priced on eBay because youÂ're not paying for a storeÂ's rent. I like the foreign versions the best.Â"

5. Milk Gums candy, approximately $1.94 for 50 candies,

Â"These are my favorite sweets in all of London, and IÂ've loved them since I was little. TheyÂ're sweet, gummy, chewy and a little chalkyÂ--itÂ's a strange consistency. My father found this website so now I have them shipped to me in the States.Â"

6. Charlotte Ronson Chrissie wedge canvas espadrille, $136, or for stockists).

CharlotteÂ's signature wedge heels in spring/summer colors are a must-have.

7. TopshopÂ's Campbell Jeans in stone, approx $78

Â"I love TopshopÂ's jeansÂ--I have a pair I wear almost everydayÂ--they always fit really well. This is a great wash too, itÂ's a little lighter and brighter for spring, plus itÂ's nice to have a pair of jeans that not everyone else is wearing. I havenÂ't seen these everywhere yet.Â"

8. UK Albums, from about $15,

Â"Amy WinehouseÂ's song Â"RehabÂ" is amazing. My brother [Mark Ronson] produced it, so I heard it a long time ago, but I swear itÂ's not nepotism! I was singing along immediately.Â"

9. Girls by Pamela Hanson, $34.95,

Â"This is a perfect book by the amazing fashion photographer Pamela Hanson. ItÂ's all her pictures paired with amazing quotes [including Julianne Moore, Manolo Blahnik and Richard Gere] about what Â"girlÂ" means. ItÂ's a cool coffee table book or housewarming gift.Â"
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