What Does Your Denim Say About You?

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    Read on to find out what your denim choices convey to the world, and shop some of the best new items, no matter which camp you fall into. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Black Stovepipes:

    You mean business. When you do diverge from your typical uniform of slacks and a blazer, you are pulling on a pair of slim, black stovepipes. 

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    Modern Rise Demi Curve Skinny Jeans ($78)

    The perfect dark black, with enough stretch to keep you streamlined. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Wide-Leg and Chambray Shirt:

    As the approachable girl next door, you feel most comfortable in a chambray shirt and true blue, wide-leg jeans.  

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    Victoria Beckham Denim

    Mid-Rise Flared Jeans ($395)

    These flares are just the right width, and the high rise is perfect for tucking in your favorite chambray shirt. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Denim Shorts:

    A frequent festival-goer, your fun-loving spirit is best represented by your playful denim shorts and bright tops. 

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    Topshop Moto

    High Waisted Denim Shorts ($56)

    The cuffed hem is a little more refined than the ubiquitous frayed edge

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Denim Skirt:

    You are typically caught in a sundress or tweed jacket, but when it comes to denim, the lady in you prefers the pencil skirt. 

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    Citizens of Humanity Premium Vintage Collection

    Stiletto Pencil Skirt ($188)

    Why not add a subtle color block to your pencil skirt? 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Denim Vest:

    Bohemian and free-spirited, you love your denim vest for its capacity to add a little edge to your floaty dresses. 

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    Two By Vince Camuto

    Destroyed Denim Vest ($109)

    The lived-in feel of this vest will be perfect with a slouchy gray tee and an ethereal skirt. 

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    PHOTO: Stockholm Street Style


    Your look is never too studied, generally laid-back, and is ready for anything, so you prefer ripped skinny jeans because they aren’t too precious. 

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    Rose Jeans ($205)

    A true blue jean with just enough ripped detailing. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman


    Always ahead of the curve and rather outspoken, you’ve been rocking overalls with heels for a while now. Thankfully the rest of the pack is catching up. 

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    Frankie B

    Overalls Hipster ($306)

    The slim fit of these overalls is ideal for layering under a jacket. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Distressed Denim Jacket:

    You’re quite the downtown gal, so when you’re not in a leather jacket, you’re topping your look with a distressed denim jacket.  

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    Joe’s Jeans

    Minnie Denim Oversized Jacket ($224)

    The oversized silhouette is perfect for layering. 

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    PHOTO: Vanessa Jackman

    Patched Jeans:

    Unquestionably the life of the party and always comfortable as the center of attention, you’re confident enough to rock ‘90s-era badges on your jeans. Not that people needed another way to remember you.  

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    Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans With 90’s Mono Badges ($85)

    Girl scout style, all grown up.

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    PHOTO: The Urban Spotter

    Stonewashed Mom Jeans:

    Normcore style at its best, you’re deliberately embracing boring to set yourself apart from the wacky trendsetters. Unfortunately for you, you still look cool. 

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    Pop Boyfriend Jean ($270)

    A bleached black denim, these are perfect with flat sneakers


    Which style do you identify with most? Let us know in the comments below

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High Waisted Denim Shorts

High Waisted Denim Shorts

Topshop Moto, $56
Modern Rise Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

Modern Rise Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

Levi’s, $78
Stiletto Pencil Skirt

Stiletto Pencil Skirt

Citizens of Humanity, $188
Destroyed Denim Vest

Destroyed Denim Vest

Two By Vince Camuto, $109
Rose Jeans

Rose Jeans

Siwy, $205
Overalls Hipster

Overalls Hipster

Frankie B, $306
Minnie Denim Oversized Jacket

Minnie Denim Oversized Jacket

Joe’s Jeans, $224
Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans With 90's Mono Badges

Farleigh High Waist Slim Mom Jeans With 90's Mono Badges

Asos, $85
Pop Boyfriend Jean

Pop Boyfriend Jean

Acne, $270
Mid-Rise Flared Jeans

Mid-Rise Flared Jeans

Victoria Beckham Denim, $395
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