Add Bite To Your Fall Look With Little Red Riding Hood-Inspired Picks

It’s the age-old story of girl meets wolf. (Who among us hasn’t been pawed by some big slobbering brute?) But this time around, it’s got a designer fashion bent. For pointers on how to crib Little Red’s style, read on.

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  • We can all but guarantee a happy (shopping) ending.

  • The Story

    We’re 99.9 percent sure you’ve heard this Brother’s Grimm yarn before but, for posterity’s sake, here are the broad strokes: Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to Grandma’s house when the Big Bad Wolf approaches her and is all, “Hey gurl, Where you going?” After Little Red blabs, the wolf hotfoots it to Grandma’s house, devours the little old lady, dresses in her clothes, and awaits his crimson-cloaked prey who is promptly E.O.A. (eaten upon arrival).  Fortunately, a huntsman ambles along who frees ladies and kills the wolf.

  • The Movie Treatment
    Photo credit: Kimberly French/©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

    The Movie Treatment

    The story has inspired countless adaptations, from Broadway (Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods) to 1960’s novelty rock (Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs “Li’l Red Riding Hood”). Most recently, it was the basis for the 2011 thriller, Red Riding Hood, starring Amada Seyfried in the titular role and our perma girl crush, Julie Christie, as her beloved grandmother.

  • The Runway: Christian Dior
    Photo credit: Courtesy of Christian Dior

    The Runway: Christian Dior

    For an updated version of the most iconic piece of outerwear in all of fairytale-dom, you can’t do better than the drop dead gorgeous tie-neck coat that designer Raf Simons sent out on his F/W 13 runway (accentuated by a slick of red hair, no less).

  • The Runway: Marni
    Photo credit: Courtesy of Marni

    The Runway: Marni

    Fancy yourself more wolf than waif? Opt for one of the luxe looks from Marni’s fur-trimmed F/W 13 collection.

  • A.P.C.

    Whether you’re roaming the woods or the urban jungle, a pair of lace-up leather boots, like these A.P.C. ones ($495) in Nut Brown, are de rigueur this season.


  • Zara

    This Long Fur Waiscoast ($100) brings out the animal lover (it’s faux, folks) in us.


  • Rebecca Taylor

    Leave your dowdy lace pieces at Grandma’s house and snap up a totally on-trend blouse like this one ($295) in Cream.


  • Mystic Light

    Have a hunch you’re being shadowed by some bad actors? Keep malevolent spirits at bay with an Evil Eye Bracelet ($195) in Moonstone.


  • ASOS

    Channel the lady in red by way of an ice-skating rink with this feminine, fit-and-flared Coat with Biker Details ($143).

  • Charlotte Olympia

    You know better than to talk to strangers but you’ll have a tough time fending them off when you’re toting a conversation-starter like this Wolfie Suede-Embellished Satin Clutch ($395) in Red.

  • DJ by Dominic Jones

    A touch of sinister glamour, like this Rose Gold Enamel Claw Ring ($91) in Black, suggests you’re the kind of girl who just might stray from the beaten path. 


  • MSGM

    This Wolf Knit Sweater ($319) makes us howl with delight. It's got the same tongue-in-cheek appeal as Kenzo's  Tiger sweatshirt but is far less ubiquitous. 


  • San Diego Hat Company

    Before you venture to hunt for anything bigger than your TV remote, dress yourself accordingly with cold weather accessories like this Faux Fur Ear Hat ($54) in Brown.



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