Cat On a Hot Tin Roof

A recent long, hot weekend in an unfortunately un-air-conditioned apartment had an oddly inspirational effect on us. As we lay on the couch, languishing in the heavy heat, we started thinking about how difficult it is to stay stylish in the face of humidity and high temperatures. Suddenly we were reminded of one of our favorite classic filmsÂ--Cat on a Hot Tin RoofÂ--which takes place in the sweltering South and features two ultra-cool stars: Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. Though the 1958 box-office hit is set in steamy Mississippi, the cast manages to look coolly chic thanks to their boudoir-influenced outfits and lightweight, polished pieces. Happily these trends also happen to be exactly what's on the market right now, making this film the perfect selection for June's Currently Channeling!

While we imagine that most of you are familiar with the Tennessee Williams-penned, Tony-nominated play that the movie is based on or have seen this iconic celluloid treasure already, a quick crash course for the uninitiated. The story focuses on a wealthy, dysfunctional, Southern family in turmoil, with the majority of the focus on Brick (Newman), Maggie (Taylor), and their destructive marriage. We'll refrain from going through all the nuanced plot points, but it's important to note that Brick has a broken legÂ--which he hurt jumping over a track hurdle, in a drunken attempt to revisit the athletic glories of high schoolÂ--so he spends his days indoors, in pajamas, drinking. Also worth nothing: though Maggie's marriage is crumbling, she's always immaculately groomed and gorgeously turned out in polished pieces, like crisp button-ups, simple stilettos, and full-skirted dresses. Combining these references, we rounded up a stylish selection of fifties-inspired pieces with the same lightweight look as Brick and Maggie's wardrobes. Read on for all the details on these summery chic pieces and have fun emulating this cherished cinematic gem!

Juicy Couture Flower Punk Couture Earrings ($58)
For a complete Maggie-inspired ensemble, we think these Juicy Couture earrings will give you the glamorous finish you are looking for. Small crystals hang down from the gold metal leafs, which add a subtle sparkle to any outfit, so dress up your daytime denim or pair them with an elegant frock.

Patterson J. Kincaid Fern Belted Dress ($110)
The shirtdress, commonly worn by housewives in the fifties, has definitely evolved over time, but it's still a wardrobe staple. And with the recent denim craze, we thought this classic take from Patterson J. Kincaid would be a superb addition to today's story. The dolman sleeves and skinny leather belt nipping in the waistline give this basic shape a girlish charm. We believe Maggie would approve of this number for a casual outing.

Elizabeth and James Ocean Suede Pumps ($207)
We are seeing a plethora of chunky heels and wedges recently, but when it comes to classic, chic women's footwear, nothing compares to the ultra-feminine D'Orsay style. The blush color and snake embossed detailing of this Elizabeth and James pump make for a sexy, yet dainty shoe that can be worn both day and night. We can easily imagine Maggie wearing this exact pair to the next Pollitt family gathering.

Dooney & Bourke Candy Stripe-Betty Shopper ($135)
When we think about 1950's handbags, the first characteristic that comes to mind is a structured, rectangular shape. In our search to find a worthy bag, we spotted this Dooney & Bourke shopper, which perfectly captures the classic structure of that era with the addition of modern accents, like leather ties that cinch the sides. We also love how closely it resembles the striped bag Maggie carries in the film!

Maeve Lynx & Leo Dress ($138)
Maggie looked absolutely stunning in her white, deep v-neck dress at Big Daddy's birthday celebration. The chic frockÂ--you can see a similar creation on the S/S 10 Donna Karen runwayÂ--was given a little more shape with a white belt cinched around the waist. The Lynx & Leo dress mimics that same great silhouette, but with a more youthful tone. The subtle, eyelet and dobby patchwork adds texture and sweetness to the otherwise simple dress.

Topshop Stripe Shorts ($28)
Of course our story wouldn't be complete without paying homage to the handsome Brick with a nightwear piece; after all, he does spend a majority of the film sulking in his navy pajamas! Summer evenings can get pretty warm, so instead of a traditional pajama pant, we opted for these adorable cotton shorts from Topshop. The blue and peach pinstripe along with cuffed hemline with have you hitting the sheets in style.

Urban Decay Lipstick ($22) in 5150
This Urban Decay lipstick is an ideal combo of edgy attitude and dramatic glamour, which is in perfect keeping with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Plus, the formula is really creamy and the color is super chic, two things that would no doubt appeal to Maggie. And if that wasn't enough, notice how the case has a tiny dagger at the end? Talk about dangerous beauty...

Rachel Comey Breezy Top ($311)
Whether they are fastened all the way to the top or giving us a boudoir moment with shear fabrics, we can't seem to get enough button-ups lately, so when we stumbled upon Rachel Comey's flirty, cropped interpretation, we were filled with excitement. Plus, it reminds us of Maggie's buttoned blouse from the beginning of the film! The short hemline removes the conservative element of the shirt, but we think it would look very stylish over a pair of high-waisted shorts. Not to mention, it's super comfortable, loose fit will keep you cool all summer long.

Forever 21 Linen Layered Skirt ($15)
Maggie first appears in the film wearing a slim, high-waisted, hip-hugging, knee-covering pencil skirtÂ--a glamorous necessity for any well-dressed woman at the time. Although the pencil skirt's hemline has crept up over the years, its ability to show off the feminine figure still remains. Accordingly, we included this woven version from Forever 21; it not only meets all of your casual ensemble needs, it is also a savvy office-appropriate option too!

Runway Images, courtesy of First View
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