Barbi Benton

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world."

Is this the new ring tone on Mischa Barton's cell phone? Er, not so much. It could be her new sartorial theme thoughÂ--don't worry we're not talking about the kind you buy at a toy storeÂ--because we've spotted her currently channeling Barbi Benton.

In addition to being one of Hugh Hefner's former companions, Ms. Benton is one of the most famous women associated with Playboy. Perhaps it was her mid-70's stint on Hee-Haw, her series of records, or, in our humble opinion, perhaps it's due to her lovely locks. Barton did Benton at the recent bebe Spring 07 show (seen here) and models at the Fall 06 Sportmax show wore Barbi-style bangs that were glued on (!) their natural hairlines.

To achieve this look, make sure youÂ've got the right placement for your fringe (faux or otherwise). These bangs should start only a couple of inches back from your hairline. DonÂ''t be mistaken: these are not the super-heavy, seventies-style, Silverlake-meets-Karen-O bangs we've been seeing all over The Cobrasnake. As for the rest of Barbi Benton hairstyle? Your code words are: full, fabulous, and flippy (at least at the ends). If someone asks you to be Miss NovemberÂ--well, you canÂ't say we didnÂ't warn you.
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