Why You Should Know About Colombia's Fashion Week

Why You Should Know About Colombia's Fashion Week

Colombia is an intoxicating mix of lush greenery, bustling city streets, exquisite cuisine, and most importantly: fashion. I ventured down to Medellin to attend the 25th Colombiamoda (an annual event featuring runways, tradeshows, and lectures), and couldn’t resist sharing my favorite snaps from the inspiring experience.

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    Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz showed vivacious prints, luxe textures, and flattering silhouettes.

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    The Rafael Uribe Place of Culture delightfully resembles a ginoromous chessboard. 

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    Colombia is well-known for its production of beautiful lingerie.

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    With attendees from all around the world, the street style at Colombiamoda was equally as exciting as the runways.

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    Designer Lia Samantha showed insanely cool headwraps and sunnies.

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    If you plan to visit Colombia, be sure to check out the amazing menu at Carmen.

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    The Metrocable in Medellin can sweep you away to sightsee at Arví Park in the mountains.

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    A street styler stays cool in a sheer, flowy frock.

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    Alado's intricate headpiecs were awe-inspiring.

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    It's true: Colombia has the best coffee. Hands down.

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