This Is the Perfect Job for Fashion-Obsessed College Students

If you clicked on this article, chances are you're a fashion-obsessed college student or know someone who is. Take it from this writer, who was in your position just a few short months ago—it's never too early to start gaining experience in the fashion world. Today, we're here to share a unique hands-on opportunity to help you do just that.

CollegeFashionista is looking to recruit interns across the country to be Style Gurus. If you are interested and have experience in writing, photography, social media, and marketing, here's where you can put it all into practice for CollegeFashionista's fashion, beauty, and lifestyle site.

This is not just about getting your name out there—which you will; you'll also receive exclusive access to career and skill-building workshops. And the best part? You can do the work right on your own campus.

Polish up your résumé, and apply online now to be considered for a position for summer 2017. And if you're feeling pumped, shop our favorite office-appropriate picks to start building your professional wardrobe now.

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