9 Lessons Learned From Center Stage

9 Lessons Learned From Center Stage

If you enjoy ballet, men in tights, and uplifting quotes that hinge on being enjoyably cheesy, then the subject of today’s slideshow is just for you. Though it’s been 14 years since Center Stage was in theaters, we simply can’t resist coming back to this cult classic. (Also, Zoe Saldana as a young ballerina? Duh, sold.)

Scroll down for 9 unexpected lessons learned from Center Stage.

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    Lesson 1: Ballet Boys On Motorcycles Are Bad News

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “A girl's got a right to know what kind of hound she's saving herself for.”

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    Lesson 2: The Perfect Escape Is Only A Limo Ride Away

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    “You didn't get all done up like that to talk about ballet. Come on.”

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    Lesson 3: Men Can Do The Splits, Too

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “Whatever you feel, just dance it.”

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    Lesson 4: Your Mother Isn’t As Overbearing As You Think

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “Being nice when you're saying something pricky is even prickier.”

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    Lesson 5: Ballerinas Can Drink Margaritas And Still Dance Better Than You

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “What does she have that I don’t?”
    “She can salsa.”
    ​“You call that salsa?”

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    Lesson 6: The Boss Is Always Watching (And Listening)

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    “If someone wants to hear profanity, Miss Rodriguez, they can take a subway. They don't need to spend $60 on a ballet ticket.”

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    Lesson 7: Don’t Sleep With Your Superior

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “Cooper, you're an amazing dancer, and you're a great choreographer, but as a boyfriend you kind of suck.”

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    Lesson 8: But If You Do, Do A Synchronized Dance With Him First

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “I want what I say I want when I say I want it.”

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    Lesson 9: The Good Guy Always Gets The Girl

    PHOTO: Colombia Pictures

    “Do you think I’m an idiot for getting involved with him?”
    ​“No, I think he’s the idiot for not treating you well.”

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