The Funniest Instagram Shots Of The Week

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    Our Instagram roundup has taken a turn this week! Instead of gorgeous models taking perfect selfies, we hunted down the most humorous posts of the week, pretty much guaranteed to make you crack up. Get ready to see the funniest celebrity Instagram posts you missed this week!

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    Amanda Seyfreid


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    Anna Kendrick

    "John looks like my guidance counselor breaking the news that my baby bump is not from eating too much KFC. #Krasinski #DirectorExtraordinaire #TheHollars #PreggoMcgee"

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    Ashley Benson

    "OMG. Best thing to see when I walk into my room"

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    "I've always wanted to see Ross' face on Phoebe's body. #friends"

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    Candice Swanepoel

    "What happens when you give me props @italogregorio @jeromeduran #behindthescenes@victoriassecret @insta_bobb @tinat2 @fulviafarolfi"

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    Cara Delevingne

    "If all else fails... Make a massage train"

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    Cash Cats

    "woke up like dis #cashcats"

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    Chrissy Teigen

    "Just came home to this. I must have been a saint in a past life."

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    Demi Lovato

    "This is what my post-concert rebellion looks like.. #rocknroll"

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    Drew Barrymore


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    Ellen Degeneres

    "Happy #ThrowbackThursday"

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    Emma Roberts

    "Accidentally channeled my inner Mary-Katherine Gallagher today"

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    Eva Chen

    "Very serious staff meeting being conducted@luckymagazine... With a certain guest of honor (@lassie!!!)"

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    Jaime King

    "#reagraminclidongquote "Toes before hoes" -@kyle_newman"

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    Jeremy Veach

    "@beggin #partner"

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    Jessica Alba


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    Joe Jonas

    "A little patty cake with Hercules on this Tuesday"

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    Kathy Griffin

    "Just doing a few medical re-enactments at the #TeamGriffin HQ today w/ @johnraphael12"

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    Katy Perry

    "Took my time machine to a 19th century village and still got in trouble"

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    "King peeps"

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    Kim Kardashian

    "Happy 80th Birthday to my grandma MJ!!!! You have taught me so much about life! You are my idol!!! I can't wait to celebrate with you!"

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    Mindy Kaling

    "The three food groups"

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    Reese Witherspoon


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    Satire Gram

    "Just went shopping!!" #satire #satiregram #meta #counterculture #clothes #newclothes #shopping #retail #newhaul #haul #ayy #credit #outfits #ootd #new #fashion #fashionista #modeling #modelstatus"

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    Lauren Ashley Bishop

    "Everyday that Cheryl abandoned him, he swore he'd never take her back. Who did she think she was, drinking her coffee & telling him to be a good boy."

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    Selena Gomez

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    Taylor Swift

    "I feel like I just interrupted a very important conversation."

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    Chelsea Handler

    "Birthday girls"

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    You Did Not Eat That

    "Only one of her donuts is real. Photo cred:@jessahinton"

    FOLLOW: youdidnoteatthat

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