24 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Stylish Celebs

24 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Stylish Celebs
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Celebrities are people too. People with shocking pasts, identity changes, and secret side jobs, apparently.

Scroll through to check out the facts you won’t forget—from the creepy place Kim Kardashian had her birthday party to the astonishing item Shailene Woodley doesn’t own.


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    Olivia Wilde

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    Olivia Wilde was technically a princess for a short while. She was married to an Italian prince named Tao Ruspoli.

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    Elle and Dakota Fanning

    PHOTO: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

    Dakota and Elle Fanning both go by their middle names. Dakota’s real first name is Hannah, and Elle’s is Mary.

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    Cara Delevingne

    PHOTO: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images for Pandora

    Cara Delevingne’s grandmother was lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret, and Joan Collins is her godmother.

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    Sandra Bullock


    Ryan Gosling and Sandra Bullock dated for a year in 2001. He claims it was one of the best relationships of his life thus far, along with Rachel McAdams.

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    Kate Bosworth

    PHOTO: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

    Kate Bosworth was formerly an equestrian champion. She now teaches disabled children how to ride horses.

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    Taylor Swift

    PHOTO: Alo Ceballos/GC Images

    Taylor Swift has written a 350-page novel, but it has not been published.

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    Jennifer Garner

    PHOTO: Araya Diaz/Getty Images for The Thirst Project

    Jennifer Garner was not allowed to wear a bikini or make-up until the age of 16.

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    Kristen Stewart

    PHOTO: Vera Anderson/WireImage

    Kristen Stewart is originally blonde, and only dyed her hair for the role of Bella in Twilight.

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    Shailene Woodley

    PHOTO: Taylor Hill/WireImage

    Shailene Woodley does not have a permanent home or cell phone.

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    Victoria Beckham

    PHOTO: Alessio Botticelli/GC Images

    Victoria Beckham collects crystals and places them around her home and office to create positive energy.

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    Beyonce Knowles

    PHOTO: James Devaney/GC Images

    Beyoncé is allergic to perfume, despite the fact that she has her own fragrance line.

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    Natalie Portman

    PHOTO: Francois G. Durand/WireImage

    Natalie Portman’s real name is Natalie Hershlag.

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    Kim Kardashian

    PHOTO: Jim Spellman/WireImage

    Kim Kardashian had her 14th birthday party at Neverland Ranch.

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    Jennifer Lawrence

    PHOTO: Danny Martindale/WireImage

    Jennifer Lawrence earned her SAG card for a commercial for MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, where she parodies the show’s spoiled rich kids. Watch the video here!

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    Gwyneth Paltrow

    PHOTO: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Coalition for Engaged Education

    Gwenyth Paltrow's godfather is Steven Spielberg. Speilberg is also Drew Barrymore's godfather!

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    Jessica Alba

    PHOTO: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Social Innovation Summit

    Jessica Alba graduated high school at 16 years old.

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    Emmy Rossum & Vera Wang

    PHOTO: Abaca

    Vera Wang is Emmy Rossum’s aunt.

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    Gwen Stefani

    PHOTO: Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

    Gwen Stefani has only ever had two boyfriends in her entire life: No Doubt band mate Tony Kanal and husband Gavin Rossdale.

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    Emma Roberts

    PHOTO: Bruce Weber/Abercrombie and Fitch

    Sienna Miller, Emma Roberts, and Olivia Wilde (along with countless other celebs) have all starred in Abercrombie campaigns.

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    Jennifer Aniston

    PHOTO: J. Countess/WireImage

    Jennifer Aniston’s real name is actually Jennifer Anatassakis.

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    Solange Knowles

    PHOTO: Kevin Mazur /Chime For Change/Getty Images for Gucci/Getty Images for Gucci

    Solange Knowles is the songwriter behind some of older sis, Beyonce’s, hits.

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    Selena Gomez

    PHOTO: John Lamparski/WireImage

    Selena Gomez got her start on Barney when she was seven years old, along with Demi Lovato.

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    Anna Wintour

    PHOTO: Ron Galella/WireImage

    Anna Wintour has sported her signature bob since she was 14 years old. If you do the math, that’s the same hairstyle for 50 years!

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    Lauren Conrad

    PHOTO: RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

    Lauren Conrad has sworn off wearing a bikini in public.

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