7 Things All Guys Should Know Before Buying A Pair Of Jeans

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    If the fellow in your life needs some new denim, fret not, because retailer and designer Steven Alan is sharing seven key tips for finding (and maintaining) the perfect pair of jeans. 

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    #1: You Have To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    “Try on a selection of different cuts and brands available in the store. A lot of guys only go for one style, as they think that’s the one that looks best, but try them all—you might be pleasantly surprised!”

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    #2: Take The Time To Learn About The Fabric

    “Know what you are buying. Look at the fabric content and country of origin. There is heaps of info surrounding denim, so do some research, and be informed. Made in the USA or Japan is always a safe bet.”

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    #3: Make Sure To Find A Good Tailor

    “It's always worthwhile to get your jeans tailored; take the time to make them perfect for you.” 

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    #4: Take Care Of Your New and Old Jeans

    “Jeans gain character with age. Find a tailor and have minor issues mended rather than ignoring them.”

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    #5: Invest In A Pair Of Slightly Stretchy Jeans

    “Guys, don't be scared of a little stretch!”

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    #6: Find Your Fit

    “Know your size! This is especially important when buying raw denim. As
    a general rule, buy a size down.”

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    #7: Pay Attention To The Details

    “Understand denim weights. Lightweight denim is 12oz and under, mid-weight denim is 12oz - 14.5oz, and heavyweight denim is 14.5oz and over. Lightweight denim is quicker and easier to break in.” 

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