This Is the Max Amount You're Allowed to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Spend

Allyson Payer

It's time to discuss a very hot topic that most women have or will have to deal with at some point in their lives: The cost of being a bridesmaid and what to expect from your bridesmaids if you're the bride.

Undoubtedly, it's an honor to be a part of a wedding party, but with average expenses totaling $1178–$1466 in this day and age, it's become a major financial obligation. So we thought we'd join in on the very relevant conversation by reaching out to a handful of experts on the subject. From a major bridal retailer to a dress designer to a wedding blogger, there was a clear consensus: The bride should be respectful of each of her bridesmaid's financial situation and should make it an open conversation with her friends when deciding on a dress.

While some opinions were more specific than others, every expert's insight is sure to prepare both current and future bridesmaids for the toll that participating in a wedding will take on their bank accounts, and brides for what to expect from their friends.

Keep scrolling to hear the expert's opinions on the subject for yourself and shop bridesmaid dresses within the recommended price points.

Tell us how much you think bridesmaids should be expected to pay for their dresses in the comments below!

Opening Image: Vogue/Isaias Miciu and Sergio Sandona

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