Beyoncé Is Getting Her Very Own Fashion Exhibit

Beyoncé Is Getting Her Very Own Fashion Exhibit

1. Beyoncé is getting her very own fashion exhibit at the Rock 'N Roll hall of fame. [CBS News]

2. If you think vanity sizing isn't a real thing, this graphic might convince you otherwise. [Racked]

3. Hooray! Mango's super-stylish plus-size line is now available online in the U.S. [Mango]

4. Kate Bosworth has laid all our fears to rest: she says surfing is something exclusively reserved for her "teenage self." [Instagram]

5. Here's how to get better abs in 24 hours. No, seriously. [Byrdie]

6. Talk about luxury: Roland Mouret's capsule collection made entirely of Australian merino wool has arrived. [The Fashion Spot]

7. Think you can't clean your home with all-natural products? Here's 5 ways to do it. [Domaine]

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