The Most Popular Swimsuits for Women Who Wear a DD (or Above)

Gina Marinelli

Not everything is a popularity contest. But when on the search for one of the trickiest fashion items—a swimsuit top that’s supportive for women who wear a DD cup or larger—we turned to numbers to help us track down some tried-and-true styles. And despite how it may seem, there are a lot of options on the market that won’t make you feel like you’re just settling.

To track them down, we turned right to the stores who stock a wide range of swimwear and asked them to provide a few of their top best sellers for women with bigger busts. Ahead, we rounded up the best of what they have to offer in a variety of silhouettes—triangle, underwired, and even strapless. And considering each of these picks is a favorite among shoppers, we suggest you don’t wait too long to purchase one for yourself.

Click in to see all the best-selling, DD-and-larger swim styles for a number of retailers.

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