The 17 Best Fashion DIYs From Pinterest

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    We scoured Pinterest for the best do-it-yourself fashion projects on the web, and are thoroughly thrilled to present our 17 favorites. Click through for crafty inspiration, and don’t forget to share your favorite DIYs in the comments!

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    Fancy Friendship Bracelet

    The friendship bracelet is pretty much your DIY bread and butter, so why not spruce it up with some fresh colors and chain details?

    Source: A Beautiful Mess 

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    Faux Cross Stitched Rose Sweatshirt

    We’re big fans of the statement sweatshirt, which is why we’re obsessed with this easy and fun DIY.  

    Source: Studs & Pearls 

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    Fringe Leather Skirt

    The best part of this DIY is how little it cost its creator. She picked up a leather skirt for a few dollars from a thrift store, and turned it into a piece with high fashion appeal. It’s low cost and large impact: the ultimate goal of a DIY, in our humble opinion.

    Source: A Pair & A Spare 

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    Jeweled Clutch

    A statement clutch is useful year round, so if you’re feeling crafty, try this no-brainer DIY to add an extra punch to your look.

    Source: Miss Kris 

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    Lace Shorts

    Before you know it, a pair of lace shorts will come in handy, and, thanks to this easy, ladylike project, you’ll have a pair worth reaching for.

    Source: Sincerely, Kinsey 

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    Gladiator Sandals

    We were genuinely shocked when we saw how easy a pair of gladiator sandals could be made. Once the weather warms up, these will be perfect with a pair of cutoffs and your favorite t-shirt.

    Source: A Pair & A Spare 

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    Leather Pouch

    Admittedly, the most involved project of our roundup, we promise your hard work will be well worth it. This DIY author got a step-by-step breakdown from the designer at Jujumade on how to make her insanely cool handbags, and the process is remarkably doable.  

    Source: A Pair & A Spare 

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    Pearl Choker and Rings

    Oh, Honestly WTF, how are you so good at DIY? We’re always checking in to see their latest crafts, and we’re still swooning over a recent Chanel-inspired pearl project.

    ​Source: Honestly WTF 

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    What better way to put your personal touch on something than with a monogram? Answer: there is no better way.

    Source: Because I’m Addicted 

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    Ombre Jeans

    Since ombre anything remains to be popular, we were immediately drawn to this stylish DIY. Grab an old or affordable pair of white jeans (the author used a pair from Uniqlo) and get dippin’!  

    Source: The Work Is Getting To Me 

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    Petal Sandals

    We’re total suckers for embellished shoes, and because this craft doesn’t include any potentially tacky textures (we’re talking about you, puffy paint) it’s virtually impossible to get it wrong.

    Source: …love Maegan 

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    Rose Gold Necklace

    Play jewelry designer for the day with this shockingly simple and thoroughly chic DIY. The minimal look of this necklace will make it all the more surprising you made it yourself.

    Source: …love Maegan 

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    Zipper Sweater

    When in doubt, put a zipper on it! We adore this project because it reinvents an old knit that would have inevitably ended up at the Salvation Army. Talk about a comeback, eh?

    Source: Fall For DIY 

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    Smoking Slippers

    Because of smoking slippers’ spike in popularity (thank you, Alexa Chung) finding an affordable pair to experiment with is easy (try this pair for $50). No tricky needlework necessary, just an iron-on applique and you’re set.  

    ​Source: I Spy DIY 

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    Butterfly Twist Shirt

    This no-cost project will be great for those hot summer days spent at the pool.

    Source: Trash To Couture 

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    Statement Cuff

    If you have a tough time tossing out old brooches from grandma or jewelry pieces you haven’t worn in years, this one’s for you. This DIY will show you how to composite your old baubles together to create one-of-a-kind trinkets!

    Source: Phosphene 

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    Studded Turban

    If you’ve already experimented with the turban craze, take it to the next level with these embellishments. Bonus: no studding tools required!  

    Source: Trinkets In Bloom 



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